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Master Bathroom Remodel Week 1 | The Design Plan

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I announced a couple of weeks ago during an update post on our stairwell project that we have were going to be remodeling our master bathroom. Here we are! The day has finally come! It is officially time to kick off our master bathroom remodel.

I am excited to announce that we are going to be finishing our master bathroom project as part of the one room challenge. That means that we will be pushing to finish this project over the course of the next six weeks and I will be posting progress updates weekly. This isn’t our first time participating in the One Room Challenge. Here are the past room reveals:

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Let’s get started…


Here are the photos of our bathroom from when we moved in. Notice all of the brown, beige, and yes, carpet.

Nearly two years ago we decided that we would try a little touch up on the space. We were inspired by renovations we saw other bloggers do. You can read the posts here:

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The plan was to create a lovely wainscoting and paint it all white, replace the faucet, get a new light fixture, put up a new shower curtain, and call it a day. It wasn’t a bad idea. Then we went to work.

We attempted to cover the peeling painted wallpaper with MDF board. Also, I was put a skim coat over the sections of the wall that were not going to be covered with the wainscoting. It turns out that we don’t have a knack for wainscoting or skim coating drywall.

This was the last set of photos I shared.

The light fixture fell from the wall, broke us as individuals, and then we closed the door and proceeded to pretend that the room didn’t exist.


This time we have a contractor. We have talked through all the specifics and we are ready to do this the right way: with someone that knows what they are doing.

Pictured: light fixture | framed art A | mirror | framed art B | cabinet | faucet | hand towels

Items not pictured: Shower faucet | toilet paper holder | hand towel ring | robe hooks |

Let’s talk about the design…

I want to remove the tub and replace it with a walk-in shower. I want a glass surround on two walls and these beautiful tiles on the shower floor:

I want to add more light to the space. I am going to do that by keeping the paint light as well as by using recessed lights. The room is small so 3 recessed lights will brighten the space quite sufficiently.

I will be using a more expensive floor tiles in the shower, in the niche, and on the floor. I will be using a less expensive subway tile for the shower walls. We have picked out a marble remnant that will serve as the countertop for the vanity as well as the stone needed on the pony wall between the vanity and the shower.

I have splurged on the mirror. It is a 36 inch tall pivoting mirror with chrome accents. It will take up most of the wall space above the vanity, but it is beautiful. It will pivot up for my husband that is 6’2 and pivot down for me as I am only 5’3.

Now it is time to get on with the demo…


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