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Master Bathroom Makeover | Week 4 Update

Just before Christmas I posted about my plans to makeover my master bathroom.  The husband and I are continuing to work on our ugly little en suite.  Today I am sharing the details of how our project is progressing.


I am 4 weeks into this project.  The room is starting to take shape. In week one we removed the closet in the vestibule and started adding board.  In week two we added more board, but didn’t get it all done. We were able to get the cabinet sanded, primed, and mostly painted.  In week 3 we finished putting up the last of the board.  This week, week 4, we started painting. I am excited to share the progress!

Design Plan | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3

Last week I reported that the project has not progressed quite as planned.  This week isn’t any better.  We were working along just fine and then we started to run out of supplies.  We ran out of both caulk and paint, creating a slow down for my plan to power work on Saturday night.  We restocked supplies Sunday morning, but had an HOA meeting that evening.  We were again slowed down yet again.   There is still so much work to be done!  I am pretty confident we are going to slip from the 8 week timeline.

I am not sure if I care anymore.  Who is this timeline for anyway?  Does it really matter?

The project plan for the remainder of the project is as follows:

Week 5: Caulk and prime the remaining board in the vestibule, paint all boards in the main bath, install light fixture above the sink, and skim coat one wall in the main bath.

Week 6: Add base boards, start trim work for board and batten, skim coat one wall in the main bath, and sand all existing trim.  Prime and paint trim.

Week 7: Prime and paint walls above board in main bath. Finish painting cabinet and install faucet.

Week 8: Sew curtains, add shower curtain rod, paint mirror trim, and add final decor elements.


We started this project because our bathroom was ugly.  It is dark from the peanut butter colored paint on the walls, lack of sufficient lighting, and peeling wallpaper. This is my starting point for this week:

The main bath area:

The vestibule:

We started this week with the board in the main bath area fully painted.  We started with the board in the vestibule hung. Our big goals for this week were to caulk, prime, and paint the board in the vestibule.  Friday night I was too tired.  Saturday was a big work day.

I got the area around the sink caulked, primed, and painted. I ran out of caulk after the area around the sink, but didn’t want to ruin my husband’s plans to hang the light fixture on Sunday.  I let the caulk dry and then I got to painting.  I got the area primed and painted two coats of white paint.  You can see from this image that the area on the back wall has been primed, but some caulking still needs to be completed.

So the area around the sink was all set to go. The husband was able to get the outlets changed out.  The change from beige to white makes such a huge difference.

The area around the sink was completed timely so the husband could hang the much needed light fixture.  The husband hung the fixture, flipped the switch, and nothing happened.  Argggg!  How frustrating!

He went to take the fixture down to try to determine why it wasn’t working.  And then it fell.

And shattered into a ton of tiny pieces.

And broke the actual fixture.  To summarize, I still don’t have light above the sink.  There are still boards that need to be caulked and painted.

The husband is going to pick up another fixture this week.  Also, I am going to finish the caulking and painting in the vestibule area before the weekend.  I am hoping that I can catch up.  I have asked the husband to start sanding the trim around the doors and the window; this will give me a head start for the weekend painting.

I have my fingers crossed that we can make some considerable progress.  The room is going to be so pretty once we do!

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