Welcome to The Organized Wife! My name is Tiffany and this is my blog.  My purpose is to help you find organization, inspire creativity, and add laughter when it comes to home and life. Motivation to clean not guaranteed.  Here is a little about me:

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 Married Life:

  • I have been married since November 23, 2013.
  • My husband and I got married on my grandmother’s birthday.
  • My husband is my best friend and has been for more than10 years.
  • My husband and I have lived in Atlanta, GA since we got married.  Before Atlanta, we lived in the small Florida town, Lakeland.
  • Laila and Maisy are my two lovely puppy daughters.


My Organizational Skills:

  • I am an accountant with two Master’s degrees: MBA and MACC.  I am a far better accountant than I am a blogger.
  • I am not nearly as organized as I wish that I could be.
  • I use organization methods for planning as well as to keep my home clean.  The concepts are the same, although the finished product looks completely different.
  • We bought our house in January 2016.  Due to our busy schedules, and overwhelming urge to be lazy when we are home, we have finished only a handful of projects.  We have started about a dozen.  I struggle daily with the concept that it is okay to not need everything perfect all the time.
  • The common causes of clutter in my home include magazines, old catalogs, and laundry that needs to be ironed.

Fun Facts:

  • My favorite color is light pink.  I am a sucker for anything that is pink, or polka-dot, or has bows.
  • I also love gray, navy blue, and white.  These colors are all over my house.
  • I love to read romantic comedies.  From time to time I share what I am reading.
  • I am a sucker for Celine Dion.
  • Although I don’t make a lot of time for it, I love running.
  • I was a cheerleader in high school.  I was awful at remembering the cheers.  I spent the better part of two years silently moving my mouth.
  • I have been driving the same car for more than 12 years.  My husband and I have had plans to replace it for no less than 5 years.  I have my fingers crossed that this year is the one!  Update: someone got a new car for her birthday!


The Organized Wife