Bathroom Decorate

Master Bathroom Makeover | Week 3 Update

Just before Christmas I posted about my plans to makeover my master bathroom.  The husband and I are continuing to work on our ugly little en suite.  Today I am sharing the details of how our project is progressing.


I am 3 weeks into this project.  The room is starting to take shape. In week one we removed the closet in the vestibule and started adding board.  In week two we added more board, but didn’t get it all done.  I was able to get the cabinet sanded, primed, and mostly painted.  This week, week three, we finished putting up all the board. I am excited to share the progress!

Design Plan | Week 1 | Week 2

This project has not progressed quite as planned.  Some of the work has taken significantly longer than originally thought, especially putting up the board.  So far we can adjust and still finish in 8 weeks.  There is still a lot of work to do.  The project plan for the remainder of the project is as follows:

Week 4: Caulk and prime the board in the vestibule, paint all boards, install light fixture above the sink, and skim coat one wall in the main bath.

Week 5: Add base boards, start trim work for board and batten,  skim coat one wall in the main bath, and sand all existing trim.  Prime and paint trim if time permits.

Week 6: Prime and paint all trim and replace light fixture in main bath and skim coat the remaining walls in the main bath.

Week 7: Prime and paint walls above board in main bath. Finish painting cabinet and install faucet.

Week 8: Sew curtains, add shower curtain rod, paint mirror trim, and add final decor elements.


We started this project because our bathroom was ugly.  It is dark from the peanut butter colored paint on the walls, lack of sufficient lighting, and peeling wallpaper. This is my starting point for this week:

View of the main bath area:

View of the sink in the vestibule:

View of the vestibule:

At the end of week two, we didn’t have any of our to do’s checked off.  There was still most of the board in the vestibule to be put up; only a couple of pieces had been nailed in on the back wall.  What you see in the image above was all that was nailed in.  It meant that we had a lot of ground to make up in order to bring this project in on time.  I am even wondering if we might need a couple more weeks to finish, whether we like the chaos or not.

Over the course of the weekend, we added the rest of the board in the vestibule. I had fun with the nail gun.  That thing makes nailing so much easier.  If you are even considering a project such as this, get one!

We measured and cut each of the board sections with our saw outside.  I very much recommend not sawing MDF inside.  The little particles will go everywhere.  Our patio is a mess; I can only imagine what that would do inside the house.  Here is a view across from the sink:

The other side of the door/view of the sink:

A view of the top of the sink:

In addition to hanging the last of the MDF board, I got to work in the main bath area.  This was a view of the top of the toilet before I got started.  We apparently were using the back of the toilet as a shelf.  So funny as it illustrates how little we are currently using this space!

I caulked each of the edges of the MDF board.  Although I am going to add trim to cover those spaces, I wanted to seal them to prevent moisture from getting between or behind the boards.  This is a bathroom.

I pulled out my favorite latex primer: Kilz.  This stuff is amazing.  If you ever have a moisture issue that you need to cover up, this is my go-to!  We had a small leak in our bedroom from our air conditioner.  The pipe that carries moisture from the attic outside became clogged due to a buildup.  We flushed the pipe with a little bleach and hot water; this cleared the buildup.  We let the stain on our ceiling dry for about a week. Then we primed the stain with Kilz.  We finished it off with ceiling paint in order to match the rest of the ceiling color.  You cannot tell that there was ever a stain on the ceiling, even if you look really hard.

I hand painted the small spaces around the door and the edge around the boards. I used the roller to paint the large spaces.

Here is a view of the main bath area, next to the shower.  It is so much brighter.  The husband even commented that the room looks very different.

Here is a shot of the wall to the right of the toilet, across from the shower.  It looks so good!  I am so happy that the peanut butter brown paint is starting to disappear.  Next week will be a big turning point for this project visually.  Most of the room will be white, instead of brown.  The paint will brighten the space, in addition to the light fixture I hope we can get up.