Bathroom Decorate

Master Bathroom Makeover | Week 2 Update

Just before Christmas I posted about my plans to makeover my master bathroom.  The husband and I are continuing to work on our ugly little en suite.  Today I am sharing the details of how our project is progressing.


Last week we finished adding the board to the main bathroom area.   You can read that post here.  There is still a lot of work to do.  The project plan is as follows:

Week 1: Add board and begin repairing other visible wall space in the main bath area. Remove closet.

Week 2: Add board to the walls around the sink. Add baseboards and batten to all walls. Continue repairing visible walls in main bath area.

Week 3: Replace light fixtures. Begin sanding and painting cabinet. Begin painting board and batten and all trim work.

Week 4: Finish painting trim and install new counter top and faucet.

Week 5: Paint visible wall space in the main bath area.

Week 6: Sew curtains.

Week 7: Add new shower curtain rod and paint mirror trim.

Week 8: Add final decor elements and touch up paint.


Our master bathroom is dim and dark.  The husband and I really don’t like being in there.  It is funny because I will run in, pee really fast, flush, and run out as quickly as possible.  I will even go to the other bathroom to wash my hands.  That is how much I hate that bathroom.

Last week we removed the base boards, tile trim in the main bath area, the small closet in the vestibule, and added the board to the walls in the main bathroom area. This is my starting point for this week:

This week did not go quite as planned.  We originally planned to get all of the board up in the vestibule.  Unfortunately, it was really cold this weekend.  Spending time outside cutting the board was really tough.  We did finish the boards on the back wall. We have the other boards measured and outlined.  We are waiting for the weather to warm up just a little and then we will cut them.

We didn’t want to get too far behind, so I got started on the cabinet. I sanded, cleaned, and primed the cabinet.

We took off the sink and put that baby by the road for trash pickup. I am so happy to see it go.

We picked up this great self-leveling paint from Sherwin Williams in a color named Evening Shadow.

We put the sink on.  It looks so much nicer than the original sink! Also, I got a couple of coats of the gray paint on the cabinet.  The room is still dark because we need to add more light fixtures.  Additionally, the walls are still brown.  The cabinet will look much better once the walls have been updated and the new light fixture is installed.

Here is a shot of the original sink from our final walk-thru on closing day. Not very lovely.

Next week is going to be a big week. In order to get back on track, we have a lot of work that we need to get done.  We need to finish adding the board around the sink.  We need to replace the light switches and the outlet covers with some in a bright white.  We also need to caulk and prime the boards.  I want to add a barrier from moisture as this is a bathroom.  I am going to use Kilz primer that help add that protection. If we can get the base boards up, that would be great.

I am really hoping we can get past this stage and start to see some real progress!