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Master Bathroom Makeover | Design Plan

Most people are planning menus, wrapping presents, or attending holiday parties.  The husband and I have other plans. We are making over our master bathroom.  Today I am sharing my master bathroom makeover design plan.

We are currently using our guest bathroom as our day to day bathroom.  We shower there.  We get ready for the day there.  I even store all of my beauty essentials in there.  The master bathroom should be the main bathroom we use, but we don’t.  The issue is that the room is unattractive.


Since moving in, we have only used our en suite as a resting place for dirty laundry. Once a week we pick up the laundry and clean the rest of the bathroom.  And then close the door only to come back a week a later.  I am hoping to make a few small changes to make the room more beautiful.  Here is a view of the room right now.

The Good

  • The cabinet and the sink are in good condition and do not need to be replaced.
  • The tile on the floor and in the shower are white.   They are also in good condition.

The Bad

  • The trim is beige and needs to be painted white.
  • The light fixture in the ceiling is dated and needs to be replaced.
  • The light fixture above the sink isn’t even installed.
  • The sinks needs a mirror.

The Ugly

  • The walls are brown; it is the same ugly brown that was in our downstairs half bathroom.
  • The previous owners painted over the flowered wall paper and didn’t do a very good job.  It is peeling from the walls in a number of places.
  • There is carpet in the small area in front of the cabinet. It is new as the previous owners replaced it right before we moved in.  But there is still carpet in the bathroom!


Before deciding what changes I wanted to make, I set out to find some inspiration. Below are images from other bloggers that have inspired my design plan.

One of the design elements I would like to add to the space is board and batten.  I am really smitten with what Lauren at did to her bathroom during the Fall One Room Challenge.  I love the mixture of white wall paper, white trim, and the tall, white board and batten. The room looks so clean and bright!

I love the gray cabinet, white stone counter top, and chrome faucet from

I love the white walls, white trim, and accordion mirror in this lovely Austin Bean marble bathroom.

I am also inspired by the navy pillow ticking fabric I used for my advent calendar. I love the crispness of the white with the navy.  I would like to incorporate this fabric perhaps as curtains for the window.


Art Print | Rug | Vanity Light Fixture | Accordion Mirror | Ceiling Light Fixture | Curtain Fabric | Faucet | Towel Hook 

My plan for this bathroom is to use chrome finishes with touches of navy blue.  The walls will be painted a grayish white called Toasted White. I will be adding board and batten to the walls to brighten the space.  I will be painting the board and batten a bright white.  I will be adding new light fixtures in order to bring more light into the space.  I will also be painting the cabinet and the fiberglass counter top.


My goal is to have this project completed in 8 weeks.  I am on vacation this week, so I have a lot of time to get started.

Week 1: Add board and batten to the area around the sink and begin repairing walls in the main bathroom.

Week 2: Continue repairing walls and paint board and batten around the sink.

Week 3: Add board and batten to the main bathroom. Paint walls.

Week 4: Paint remaining board and batten. Replace light fixtures.

Week 5: Paint trim and paint the counter top.

Week 6: Paint the trim around the mirror and the cabinet.

Week 7: Sew curtains.

Week 8: Add final decor elements and touch up paint.

We are going to be completing this project on our own without bringing in professional help…so that means that this project is going to be interesting.  Neither of us has ever installed moldings let alone board and batten.  I imagine that this will result in a few funny stories.  Good news though, the toilet in this bathroom is just fine.