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A Few Little Things and a Stairwell Project Update

This week was a busy week! I took the week off from work, not to travel, but to catch up on a few projects around the house. And to relax. I haven’t done quite the relaxing I planned. However, I did read The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand. It is super cute and I loved it. I read it, cover to cover, in a couple of evenings.

Here is an update on all the little things that have been keeping me busy:


When there are projects, there are items that need to be purchased. Let’s talk about those.

It was time to pick up a new comforter for our master bedroom. The comforter that we had on the bed was from before the husband and I met. We will be celebrating 7 years of marriage in November and we dated for 6 years before tying the knot. To put it nicely, it was old!

The husband took up using fountain pens about a year ago. He loves the way they write. The pen he bought is even lovely. But it is prone to leaking if it isn’t stored properly.

The husband was making phone calls for me on the bed. He was upstairs as to not interfere with some client work I was doing. The pen sat on its side for a bit too long and then we got a large, blue ink stain on the otherwise pristine linen duvet cover. Uggg! It is just ink; no one died.

Over Labor Day weekend West Elm had a sale. I was able to pick up a new duvet cover at a nicely discounted price. The new cover has arrived and we are on our way to a lovely bedroom again!

A couple of other things we picked up this week were some new 16×20 frames for our dining room.

The frames shown in this photo have managed to not age well. They have been decommissioned and will be replaced by the new white framed beautifies I picked up at Ikea this past week. The new custom mats should arrive in a week or two. I will show them off as soon as they do.

Remember the tassel cabinet pull I mentioned I was going to order for the entryway? (You can read the post here: Our Cute Entryway Update) I received an update and it is on its way! It should be here on Saturday.

Do you know what has arrived? This beauty!

The husband is going to be putting this up for me. I hope to have another entryway update for you next week.


I have started decorating the house for fall. I have put out precisely 2 pumpkins and pulled out my pumpkin pillow for the sofa. I really, really, really love decorating with my pumpkins. However, I am not sure how much I want to pull out this year. I will keep you posted.


Why might I not be interested in decorating for fall when it is one of my favorite seasons? Pumpkins are adorable! Well….we had a custom cabinet maker at our house this past weekend. We designed a new kitchen and the price was right. In a few weeks he will start building our new kitchen cabinets. We might be beginning the install of the kitchen at the beginning of November.

Next, we have decided to remodel our master bathroom. After that bathroom is completed we will be kicking off the guest bathroom remodel. We still need to finish up the laundry room and the downstairs half bath projects that we started earlier this year and never quite wrapped up.

The master bathroom project we are going to do as part of the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge that begins on October 7th. I have had to purchase a few items in order to get that project ready start. Our living room is starting to fill up. I have sink, faucet, cabinet, fan, and a toilet sitting behind the sofa. I think it is going to be awhile before our house is clean and organized again.


But wait, there is more! The contractor was able to get started on the stairwell a few days early. The space is a mess, but I have some progress shots. I am already in love.

Here is a shot of the design plan I shared on Monday. (You can read the post with before photos here: Our Stairwell Project | Design Plan & Inspiration)

It is difficult to tell, but this is a view of the wall coming from the dining room on the first floor up to the first landing. The walls were in rough shape. And they were brown. I am so incredibly excited to see the brown go!

Here is a view coming from the top of the second floor, looking down to the landing. You can see all of the places that needed to be smoothed due to settling that has occurred over the years.

Here is a tight shot of the ceiling. They took down part of the original ceiling and have put up new drywall. This section sustained some damage when the cable guy stepped on a soft spot in the attic. We have since replaced the AC unit that was leaking. Now it is time to repair all the damage.

This is a shot taken from the second floor. You can see that the light fixture has been moved to the center of the stairwell. This will be a much better location for the chandelier.

This is such an exciting time for us and our home. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

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