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One Room Challenge | Neutral & Relaxing Guest Room Makeover Reveal


Welcome to week six of The One Room Challenge!  For those of you that are new to The Organized Wife, I have been renovating my guest room over the last six weeks.  Today I am sharing my One Room Challenge guest room makeover reveal.


Before I started this challenge, our spare bedroom was not ready for guests.  We had a bed, some old linens, and boxes for night stands. 

It was a room more for storing miscellaneous items than relaxing. 

It was a room for ironing…or just hiding the ironing. 

The windows didn’t have curtains so there wasn’t a lot of privacy.  This project gave me the opportunity to solve all the issues of the room as well as create a relaxing space for our friends and family to stay. 


Let’s start the tour with the dresser. It is a lovely focal point and is the first thing you see when you open the door.  The dresser itself is a piece of furniture that the husband and I were gifted by my brother-in-law.  It was a piece he no longer needed.  We were happy to give it a good home.  For this project, I painted it with Sherwin William’s Emerald enamel in Naval, a rich, dark blue.

We added lucite handles to make opening the heavy drawers easier.  The handles reflect light and act as jewelry for this old piece of furniture. 

Additionally, I added removable wallpaper to the side of each drawer.  It adds an unexpected burst of color to the room each time the drawers are opened.

I decorated the wall above the dresser with a gold framed mirror.

I topped the dresser with an orchid, brightly covered books, and a framed photo. The small items on the dresser top add little punches of color to this otherwise neutral space.  I kept the collection small as to not add too much to my weekly dusting routine.

In the mirror, you get a glimpse of a painting I made for the room.

It is my rendition of the Charleston, SC Rainbow Row homes.  For someone that doesn’t paint, this wasn’t a half bad attempt.  It, too, adds a splash of color to the space.  And it is adorable.

Every room needs a plant.  I moved the plant from my office upstairs to the guest room.  It was actually getting a little big for the spot next to my desk.  This space is better suited.

I added this little guy to keep our plant company when we aren’t at home.

Next up on the tour are the draperies.  I added a damask print and hung them high to add height to the room.  I also added white roman shades as an accent and for a little extra privacy.  The roman shades are a nice contrast to the navy and white drapes.

I used chrome double curtain rods so the drapes would hang nicely.  The curtain rods are chrome so they reflect light during the day.  I love how shiny they are!

To the feature wall!  The husband and I used the first couple of weekends of this challenge to add a board and batten feature wall.  This was a bit too much as a weekend project.  If you are considering a similar project, plan for at least two weekends and a lot of paint. 

On the right nightstand, I added a jewelry box from the Opal House collection at Target.  It was difficult to resist this golden peacock.  Also, I found a permanent home for the gold and peach music box gifted to me by my grandmother before she passed away.  Now it is on display for me to see every time I walk in the room.  It is a piece that makes me smile every time I see it.

The bed in the room is one that I purchased from Wayfair about a year ago.  It is covered in a light linen fabric and accented with a scalloped head board and foot board.  It is beautiful without being too feminine.

The bed is covered in sheets I purchased from Target.  The comforter and shams are from the Kate Spade Deco Dot collection.  I found this set at HomeGoods for a bargain.  The striped throw pillow is also a HomeGoods find.  I was drawn to the touches of pink, gray, white, and beige.  It helps to tie in all of the colors of the room.

The nightstands are a bit of an ash gray color with one drawer.  The drawer is convenient for storing small items our guests may need, such as the remote to the ceiling fan.  The nightstands are topped with white lamps.  Each of the lamps has a lucite base, tying them in with the lucite handles on the dresser.

Above the bed I framed a photo of a lilly from a coffee table book.

I decorated the left nightstand with bright flowers and a gold clock.  Again, I was cognizant of how much I was added to the space as I did not want to greatly impact the amount of dusting I do every week.  Besides, simple can be beautiful.

One more look of my beautiful new guest room.  I really hope you love it as much as I do.



Let’s talk about spend.  During the course of the project, I fought the urge to buy every adorable item I found online and in stores.  My goal was to finish the room for less than $1,000. Before this week started, my project spend totaled only $513.64

This week I purchased a few items to finish the room.  Expenses for the week totaled $644.

  • Lamps – $107
  • Nightstands – $370
  • Peacock jewelry box – $21
  • Sheets – $30
  • Mattress pad – $30
  • Comforter and pillow shams – $75
  • Canvas – $11

Total project spent: $1,157.64.

I spent a little more than I originally planned, but the room came out so nice.  The equity it put into our home was worth the extra $157.


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    May 10, 2018, thanks a lot for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

  2. The bedroom turned out lovely! What a relaxing room for your guests, complete with personal touches that don’t add much to your cleaning routine. Well done!

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