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One Room Challenge | Neutral & Relaxing Guest Room Makeover


Welcome to week five of The One Room Challenge!  One more week to go!  During this challenge I am making over my guest room.   So far, it is starting to look very beautiful.


The updated project plan by week is as follows:

  • Week 1 – Complete the design plan and begin ordering furniture
  • Week 2 – Add a feature wall using board and batten
  • Week 3 – Paint feature wall
  • Week 4 – Paint the existing dresser and install new hardware; start painting trim and doors
  • Week 5 – Paint windows and hang curtains; finish painting trim and doors
  • Week 6 – Add remaining decorative elements and make the bed


In week one I introduced you to our project plan.  In week two we installed the board and batten to the feature wall behind the bed.  In week three I painted the feature wall.  In week four week I painted an old dresser we had in our storage room and moved it into the guest room.  This week I painted the windows and added curtains.

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Here is a view of the my windows before we started this week:

Before I started this makeover, the trim around the windows was painted beige.  This color made the windows look dingy.  Additionally, they had no curtains for privacy.  My focus this week was to make over the windows and to give them a presence in the space.


This week I painted the trim around each of the two windows.  I used the same white paint as the feature wall.  This was great because I didn’t have to buy more paint.

Next, we added curtain rods.  Okay…I want to pause here for a moment.  Did you know how expensive curtain rods are?  I am not talking about the cheap flimsy ones you can get at most home improvement stores.  I am talking about the shiny, pretty rods with modern touches.  It gets even worse if you want double rods.  I was lucky to find a great set at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I picked up these.  They are beautiful.  I love them!

Next, I hung the curtains. About my curtains…The curtains I originally fell in love with were these from  Unfortunately, they were about $55 a panel.  I  was able to find four panels at Home Goods for $30 a set.  I was able to buy all of the curtains I needed for the room for the cost of just one panel of the curtains I first fell in love with.  With the money I saved, I was able to buy a new mirror to put over the dresser.  Here is a peek:


Let’s talk about spend.  I am watching project costs and I am trying to pull this room together for less than $1,000.  Project costs are starting to mount up, so it is going to be close. Before this week started, my project spend totaled only $324.97

This week I purchased a few items to makeover the windows.  Expenses for the week totaled $188.67

  • Curtains – two sets at $30 each – $60
  • Curtain rods – two double rods – $82
  • 60 grit sanding block – $4.67 each
  • Mirror – $42

Total project spent to date: $513.64

A few items I still need to pay for include nightstands, two lamps (we had a small issue with the older lamps I was intending to use), bed linens, and a few decorative accent pieces.  My next update is going to include a view of these items.  I am so excited to show you!

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  1. Thanksso much Courtney !

  2. Hi Tiffany:)
    I must say I love the clean and streamlined look of the space, the mirror especially. It turned out great!

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