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One Room Challenge | Neutral & Relaxing Guest Room Makeover


Welcome to week four of The One Room Challenge!  During the course of this project, I will be making over my guest room.  The room is a little boring and not quite ready for guests.  During the course of this challenge I will be creating a neutral and relaxing retreat for visiting friends and family.


I will finish this project over the course of the next couple of weeks. The updated project plan by week is as follows:

  • Week 1 – Complete the design plan and begin ordering furniture
  • Week 2 – Add a feature wall using board and batten
  • Week 3 – Paint feature wall
  • Week 4 – Paint the existing dresser and install new hardware; start painting trim and doors
  • Week 5 – Paint windows and hang curtains; finish painting trim and doors
  • Week 6 – Add remaining decorative elements and make the bed


In week one I introduced you to our project plan.  In week two we installed the board and batten to the feature wall behind the bed.  In week three I painted the feature wall.  This week I painted an old dresser we had in our storage room.  We still haven’t painted the doors; the entry door currently does not have a door handle.  We are holding it closed with a screw.  I know, very classy.

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Here is a view of the room before we started this week:

This week my focus was on making over an old dresser in my storage room.  It is a dresser that my brother-in-law gifted my husband a number of years ago.  I painted it white about 5 years ago, but it is need of a makeover.  It is currently being used to store my husband’s tools and some other miscellaneous junk.  Most people of a junk drawer; we have a junk dresser.

Here is another shot of the dresser in my storage room.  The storage room is also in need of a makeover, but one thing at a time.

We cleaned out all of the junk in each of the drawers.  I then took the dresser outside and gave it a light sand to prep it for cleaning.  I remembered to put down painters paper so I didn’t get any paint on my patio.

I opened the paint to get started.  Check out this shot of the paint can.  The color is amazing!

I used Emerald paint from Sherwin Williams in a color called Naval.  It is urethane trim enamel that is ideal for painting furniture.  It takes about two weeks for the paint to cure, but it dries really hard.  This is the ideal paint for high use furniture such as dressers and kitchen cabinets.  It is a bit stinky; I highly recommend painting outside if possible. 


I love how the dresser came out, but it was a lot of work.  I had to add three coats of paint to get even coverage.  It made for a long day, but it was worth it.

Next we added handles to make the drawers easier to open.  The dresser is made of solid wood.  The drawers are heavy and a little difficult to open when they are full.  I also added handles because they are pretty.  I went with a lucite pull with chrome accents.  I am in love with these!  I want to put them everywhere!

The next thing I did was to add removable wall paper to the edge of each drawer.  I used the Pink Paisley print from the Opal House collection at Target.  It is a lovely peek-a-boo accent you see when the drawer is opened.  It, too, is very pretty.  And it complements the navy blue paint very nicely. 

The husband and I don’t need another dresser to store our clothes.  I don’t imagine our future guests will need one either.  Instead, it is going to make an ideal storage location for our extra linens.  I even added an air freshener to the drawer to keep them smelling fresh.  I am also planning to store wrapping paper, bows, and other gift wrapping items in the bottom drawer.  This dresser is not only beautiful, it is useful!

One more look of this beautiful piece of furniture.


Let’s talk about spend.  I am watching project costs and I am trying to pull this room together for less than $1,000.  Project costs are starting to mount up, so it is going to be close. Before This week started, my project spend totaled only $233.87.

This week I purchased a few items to makeover the dresser.  Expenses for the week totaled $91.10.

  • Sherwin Williams Emerald paint in the color Naval – $24.10 (Sherwin Williams was having a paint sale when I purchased paint for this project.  I was able to get a quart for 40% off of the regular price.)
  • Removable wrapping paper – $30 from Target.
  • 6 handles – $37 from the hardware store.

Total project spent to date: $324.97.

I am really looking forward to how great this room is going to look once everything is done!  Come back next week to see the makeover the windows.

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