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Master Bathroom Remodel Week 4 Update

Welcome back to our master bathroom remodel project. We are in week 4 of the One Room Challenge; 2 weeks to go until the final reveal. Only 2 weeks to go!!!

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Last week we saw the recessed lights go in, drywall went up and was mudded, and the marble floors were installed.


This week we made a huge dent in the tiling. Let’s get to the details…

The floor tile is completely in. It isn’t grouted, but it is in. This allowed us to place the cabinet into its niche long enough for the stone company to measure. We will have stone next week for the countertop as well as for the top of the pony wall.

We are using 3 inch white subway tiles for the shower walls. This can be a budget saving alternative to using stone. Because we are using so much stone elsewhere in the room, I felt this was a nice way to breakup the marble patterns. And it wasn’t very expensive. I believe we spent around $200 for all of the subway tiles.

Here is a view of the shower niche. There are niche kits that can be purchased that help you install a standard niche. We opted for a custom build to allow us to have one that is big enough for all of our shower goodies as well as low enough for me to use the shelf when I am shaving my legs.

We used a couple of extra floor tiles to trim the 4 sides of the niche. This will help us to tie the marble in the floor tiles to the marble in the small hex tile. The two marbles aren’t exactly the same, but they are really close.

We decided to use a larger hex tile for the shower floor. I saw this tile in a bathroom years ago. I loved it so much and really couldn’t wait to have a bathroom to renovate so I could use it.

Let’s talk about the shower curb. I agonized for weeks about this design decision. There are so many ways you can go. I decided to use floor tiles to create the outside of the curb, pictured here. It creates a nice transition to the floor tiles right next to it.

Here is another view of the curb. We allowed it to flow lengthwise and follow the brick pattern of the rest of the floor. Once we add grout and the top of the curb, it is going to look very nice…and like I knew what I was doing!

In addition to tile, the walls were painted a light gray and the fan was installed. The fan is incredibly quiet! We opted for a fan that does not have a light because we are having recessed lights installed. However, purchasing a fan with a light can be a quick way to add additional lighting to your space without having to call an electrician.


With only a couple of weeks to go, we have quite a bit to do next week:

  1. Finish the tile in the shower
  2. Install the cabinet
  3. Install the counter top and sink
  4. Finish the shower curb
  5. Have the glass company complete measurements for the glass surround
  6. Start the wainscoting trim

If all the items above are completed on time, that will leave the following for the final week:

  1. Have glass installed
  2. Final paint touch-ups
  3. Install the light fixture over the cabinet
  4. Install the mirror
  5. Install faucets
  6. Install the toilet
  7. Install toilet paper holder, hand towel rack, towel racks, and add other decorative elements


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Thank you for coming along with me this week on my little journey. I hope you come back next weekend to see more!

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