Quick Cleaning Tip: use baskets to help you clean faster


I live in a two story home.  That means stairs.  Our living room, dining room, my office, a half bath, and kitchen are downstairs.  Upstairs are our 3 bedrooms, master bath, and guest bath.  It is a 2,000 square foot clutter collection area.  It happens whether we like it or not.

We come in the house with groceries.  Inevitably, there are things that need to be taken upstairs, but instead they find a home on the dining room table for a few days.  Although I love my home, I don’t care much for going up and down the stairs over and over just to put things away.  The time I have to spend cleaning takes away from doing the things I really want to do, like spend time with my husband or read a book.

Because real life doesn’t leave room for constant cleaning, I pickup every few days…or once the clutter has just gotten out of control.  In order to consolidate my steps and to reduce the time I spend cleaning, I use a large basket to help. I put items in the basket that belong in another room.  As I move throughout the house, I take out items.  In the end, the basket is empty.

My basket method is a great time saver.  And it saves me from needlessly going up and down the stairs.  I get to save that for the gym!


Interested in looking stylish while you clean?  Here are 5 adorable baskets you could pick up today!

I love baskets.  I especially love pretty baskets.  I do most of the cleaning in our house.  If I have to do it, I might as well look good! (#3 was from my Fabulist last week.  Click to see more!)


  1. World Market Banana Leaf Round Brooklyn Tote Basket for $40.
  2. William Sonoma Japanese Magazine Basket for $99.
  3. Ballard Designs bunny Williams Nesting Baskets for $199.
  4. The Container Store Nantucket Woven Basket $35.
  5. Target Stained Paper Rope Lined Laundry Basket $36.

xo Tiffany