A Few Fun House Updates

I live in Atlanta, as many of you know.  Today is the big Karen Handel/Jon Ossoff faceoff.  I am diligently refreshing the election results as I am writing this evening.  It is currently a nail bitter.   I don’t typically talk politics on this blog, but I do have this beautiful sign in my yard.

Today was a long day at work.  It was dark and rainy all day.  I had a few deadlines that increased my stress level.  Add rain, the fact that today is election day, and that I wanted to get home to relax to the traffic mix.  It took an hour for me to travel a short 5 mile distance.  I thought I was going to lose my mind!  I felt better immediately after opening the front door because I had this little cutie waiting for me.  She is so cute!  It is hard to feel stressed after a few seconds of cuddles from her.

A little update from this weekend: we picked up a new duvet cover and pillow cases for our Euro shams. We picked up this cute print from West Elm.  It is organic cotton and is super soft to snuggle into at night.  I was a little sad because they only had 2 Euro shams in stock.  I had to order a third sham.  This is how the bed looks right now:

Here is a close up of those lovely shames.  The little dots are just so cute!  They are a nice contrast to the gray walls and gray velvet headboard.

I have started thinking about updates for the living room. For one, I need to paint the cabinet doors to the built-ins.  They are currently the original beige color.  However, the rest of the bookcase has been painted white.  It wasn’t a design decision.  Instead, it is laziness.

The chairs shown above we added about a year ago.  They are an Overstock.com find and I love them!  They are tall like dining chairs, but are deep like a sofa.  They don’t look it, but they are great for reading.

Also this weekend, I picked up a few items to finish off my mantle.  One of those items was this darling elephant:

This is how it looks in full view.  It is simple, but elegant.  It is also super easy to dust.

The room, though  pretty, is not quite finished.  It needs a rug!  I have done a little research online.  This my top contender:

Here is my inspiration:  it is a photo from the Restoration Hardware catalog.  I love it, but it is a little out of my price range.  I like the neutral look as well as the sturdiness of the fabric.  I have had a Jute rug at my front door for nearly a year.  It gets a lot of foot traffic and has held up very well.  It has been quite dirty a few times.  We were able to clean it up easily.  Additionally, it is maintained its shape and coloring very well.

source: Restoration Hardware

I would love to hear your opinion.  If you have any thoughts, leave them in the comments below or email me at contact@theorganizedwife.com.