welcoming December + the Christmas season


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It is the first of December.  What a year!  This has been a very exciting year for my husband and I.  We bought a house, moved, started renovating said house, added a puppy to our family, we both started new jobs, had a couple of hospital stays, and bought a car.  It feels like we have been in a constant state of exhaustion.  I am glad everything has happened as it has because we are exactly where we need to be.

It is difficult when you are waking up from sleeping in a chair to believe that you are where you should be.


But I put lipstick on my lips and cheeks and headed to the cafeteria for coffee like a big girl.


It has been a couple of months since we had a hospital stay.  I have my fingers crossed we are done with those for this year.

As for the house, we are still going through the office remodel and have started on our living room.  Right now we have the living room pulled apart and stuff is everywhere.



It is difficult when your house feels more like a obstacle course than a home to feel like you are just where you should be.


It is difficult to imagine that it is time to start decorating for the holidays with a mess like that spread across our entire downstairs.  But we are enjoying the process.  The office will be ready for furniture this weekend.  The built-ins have been painted and we are waiting for the paint to finish curing.  We are in the home stretch for both rooms.

We even have a dining room table getting delivered next week.  It is about time, right?

Although it doesn’t look it, we are excited about getting to put up our tree in our lovely new living room.  I have already started picking out decor for the new space, such as these lovely gray, white, and pink stockings.  I was able to pick these beauties up from Target.  They are part of the Sugar Paper collection for Target.  You can pick them up, too, for about $16 each at Target.com.




My office is going to be gray with hints of blush.  (You can see more of my office plan here.)  I was so happy to find these cute ornaments for $3 for the pair, also part of Sugar Paper collection for Target.  We have a white minimalist tree that we put up in our tiny apartment for the last couple of years. I am excited that it will be making its debut in our new home this year, but not as our main tree.  Instead, I will put it in my office so I can enjoy its splendor.


Source: Target.com

Do you feel you are exactly where you need to be?

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