A Where the Sidewalk Ends Moment

This evening I had a Where the Sidewalk Ends moment.  We got a new table for our entryway yesterday.  (Pictures to be shared soon.)  I was pulling items from other rooms in order to begin to style the table.  To get off on a quick tangent, I really have no idea how I am going to pull together this tiny table.  I don’t want to put a lot on it as it will easily begin to look cluttered.  However, I do want it to be pretty.  My heart is torn.

I pulled a group of books off of my bookcase in the living room.  One of the books was Where the Sidewalk Ends.    Once I decided that the stack of books I pulled were not going to work, I noticed what I was holding.  Then nostalgia kicked in.  I couldn’t help but to reread my favorite poems.  This one is my absolute favorite: Listen to the Mustn’ts. (Photo taken from my book.)

a where the sidewalk ends moment 001

I found Shel Silverstein, as most do, when I was in elementary school.  However, the poems did not resonate with me until I was much older.  Listen to the Mustn’ts has always meant the most to me.  It is inspirational and sometimes even brings a tear to my eye when I read it out loud.

I am not the only one that loves the poems of Shel Silverstein and Where the Sidewalk Ends.  Here are some awesome photos Instagram users have shared recently.

a where the sidewalk ends moment 002

source: @spunkyrashur

a where the sidewalk ends moment 003

source: @kimberlymarie_28

a where the sidewalk ends moment 004

source: @khodes

a where the sidewalk ends moment 005

source: @gainey187

I hope you had a great Saturday.