2022 Home Goals

In September 2021, we bought a new house and moved to Florida. It was great to move back to the sunshine state! We love our new house, but it needs a lot of TLC. Today on the blog, I want to share our 2022 home goals for getting this place looking beautiful!

When you have a house that needs to be remodeled from top to bottom, it is difficult to find the right starting place. We have tried to be a little logic in our approach as to not make living in the house unbearable while we are tearing rooms apart and building them back up again.


Let’s talk about the garage.

Because we use the garage nearly every day, and it is often difficult to find the tools we need, we are starting our 2022 home goals project listing with the garage.

We are so excited about having a garage. It is a two car garage. We have only one car so there is loads of space for the lawn mower, our bicycles, and beach chairs. This space is going to require quite a bit to make it look nice.

2022 Home Goals - Garage
  1. Clean everything.
  2. Patch and paint the paneling.
  3. Install a new garage door.
  4. Stain or resurface the cement floor.
  5. Build and install new wood shelves.
  6. Install cabinetry for storage (perhaps a phase 2 element)

Our goal is to start this project in February.


Let’s talk about the entry way.

Because our entry way is on the smaller side and we can make a big impact with small changes, we have added this make-over project toward the top of our 2022 home goals list.

2022 Home Goals - Entry Way

Our entry way isn’t much of a space in the new house. At the Atlanta townhouse, it was a separate, designated space. They are both great. The entry way at the new house fits is more open to the living room. Therefore, it will need to flow with the living room design.

  1. New light fixture.
  2. Bright white paint.
  3. New flooring that matches the dining room.
  4. Add a rug, plant, and artwork.
  5. Update the front door to include more glass in order to let in more natural light.
  6. Install a new front door handle.

Our goal is to start this project in March.


Let’s talk about the dining room.

The dining room looks like it needs a lot of work, but most of the work will not require us calling in a professional.

2022 Home Goals - Dining Room
  1. Remove the large mirror on the back wall; no one enjoys watching themselves eat.
  2. Have an electrician add a light switch at the kitchen entryway. It is bothersome to have to walk to the other side of the room to turn on the light.
  3. Paint the room a bright white.
  4. Add a new light fixture.
  5. Replace the dining room chairs. These chairs came with the table and are not as sturdy as they look. Every time we use them, I am afraid the chair is going to fall to pieces.
  6. Replace the curtain rod. The curtain rod currently in the space was installed by the previous home owners. It is fine, but is not as modern as I prefer.
  7. Install new flooring. The room has older, worn carpet. It is stained in a few places from general use. It needs to go!

My goal is to start this project in April.


Let’s talk about the living room.

We spend so much more time in our new living room than we ever have in any other home in which we have lived. I am not sure why, but we do. Our new living room has a great view of the pool and back yard, it has high ceilings, is large enough to really stretch out, and has loads of potential. Like the other rooms in the house, it is going to need an overhaul.

2022 Home Goals - Living Room
2022 Home Goals - Living Room
  1. New paint.
  2. Add shiplap to the ceiling (perhaps a phase 2 project).
  3. New flooring.
  4. Add built-in cabinets to display accessories and to store games, books, etc.

I wouldn’t mind purchasing new furniture, but we do still like the furniture we already have. It will be easier to imagine what is next for the space after we replace the carpeting, add the built-ins along the back wall, and paint the walls and trim a bright white.


Let’s talk about the home office and guest room.

We have a 3 bedroom home. We have our bedroom set up in what will eventually become our home office. It has a nice view of the pool and gets loads of natural light during the day. Eventually, I would like to transform this room into a home office for both myself and the husband.

The other bedroom will transition to a guest room.

2022 Home Goals - Home Office & Guest Room


Let’s talk about the master bedroom and bathroom.

We are currently living in one of the guest rooms. Our bedrooms are quite large so our king-sized bed fits just fine. This has bought us some time to figure out what we want to do with our master bedroom and bathroom as well as to find a contractor. Honestly, I don’t know if we are going to be able to get a contractor any time soon. We are going to try.

  1. Gut the bathroom and complete an entire renovation: new shower, toilet, vanity, tile, and paint.
  2. Have the duct work for the AC moved to the attic and remove the soffits.
  3. Install a sliding glass door for quick access to the backyard.
  4. Paint.
  5. Remove the carpet and install a new floor.
  6. Add crown molding.

My goal is to start this project in 2022.


Let’s talk about the kitchen.


Is this not the ugliest 1980’s kitchen? This room needs all the things! I would love to find a custom cabinet maker, like we did in Atlanta. Having someone build your kitchen cabinets exactly as you need them gives the room a high-end look. And it isn’t necessarily more expensive.

  1. New cabinets
  2. New stone countertops
  3. New sink
  4. New flooring
  5. New paint
  6. Add crown molding

My goal is to start this project in 2022.


A few other 2022 home goals for this year include the following:

  1. Paint the exterior of the house.
  2. Update the landscaping to include more flowers.
  3. Resurface the pool.
  4. Purchase patio furniture.
  5. Renovate the guest bathrooms.
  6. Add taller, more modern baseboards to the entire house.