Brighten Your Home with Pastels

It has been a relaxing Sunday. It was really cold last night; it got down to 27 degrees. Because it was so cold, we slept in and enjoyed a couple cups of coffee before officially starting the day. After breakfast, I made the bed, vacuumed the carpet, and put away a little clutter. I even lit a candle to make the house smell a little more floral. (I am burning 3-wick candle from Bath & Body Works in Sunshine & Daffodil’s scent)

It is still very cold outside and clearly very much still winter, but I am ready for the brighter tones of spring. To get out my winter blues funk, I swapped out my regular gold velvet throw pillows for these light pink pair. Also note that you are getting sneak peak at our new bedroom!

Brighten Your Home with Pastels

I absolutely love pastel tones. They can be bright for a punch of color. They can also be in more muted tones where they appear sun washed. Here are a few other times I have used pastels in my home.


You can brighten your home with art work, throw pillows & blankets, accessories, and even with your dinnerware! I have included some examples below to inspire you. (Links below will take you to sources.)

Brighten Your Home with Pastels

Drifting Light Wall Art | Floral Meadow Wreath Dinner Plates | Solid Gauze Throw Blanket | Sunshine & Daffodils 3-Wick Candle | Tarifa Pillow Cover in Wild Rose