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Lovely Jigsaw Puzzles to Add to Your Collection

The husband treated me to dinner at a local restaurant. We arrived at about 5:30pm to be greeted by the hostess with a 90 minute wait. I really hate waiting for a table, but there were couple of shops we wanted to visit, so we decided to put our name on the list.

One of the stores we visited was Barnes & Nobel. As per my blog post this week about my December reading list (Read: What I Read in December 2021), most of the books I read are from the library. I really enjoy finishing a great book. Unfortunately, that happiness was starting to get expensive. With COVID, there was a long stretch when stores were closed and I couldn’t easily shop the clearance rack. So I turned to an easy way to get my fix: ebooks from the local library. We went into the store thinking we were just going to look around.

I found a few books I am going to add to my reading list:

I Take You | It Happened One Summer | Sex and Vanity | The Layover


While I was shopping, I learned that January is National puzzle month.

Since the start of COVID, it feels like every month since March 2020 has been puzzle month. There are loads of photos on Instagram with bloggers and influencers playing games and putting together puzzles. Puzzles are great because they stimulate your brain and many types you can play by yourself: Sudoku puzzles, Jigsaw puzzles, word searches, and crosswords.

I am a fan of the Jigsaw puzzle. The husband and I pulled one out over the Christmas holiday. It was great to put an album on the record player, pour some drinks, and look for sections that connect. We would cheer when we finished big sections of our 1,000 piece puzzle.


While we walked through the store this evening, I discovered puzzles by Michael Storrings and I am hooked. They are just so beautiful! I purchased Spring on Park Avenue. I simply cannot wait to pour the pieces on the dining room table!

Here are all of my favorites from the Michael Storrings collection:

Brooklyn Bridge | Japanese Tea Garden | Summer at the Amusement Park | Spring on Park Avenue

Each of these puzzles range in price from $13 to $17 and they would make a very lovely Valentine’s Day gift.