Decorate Entryway

Our Cute Entryway Update

It has been awhile since my last project. And we use our entryway every time we come in and out of the house as we don’t have a garage entrance. Why not refresh our little entry?

Let’s talk about what it looked like before I pulled out paint…


Our entry way is a small, but functional space. It is nestled between 4 doorways: one to the kitchen, one to the dining room/living room, one to the laundry room, and another to the downstairs half-bath. It has been awhile since it has looked as good as it does in the photo above, so it was time for a touch up.


When we first moved in, I had a difficult time finding a table that I liked that also fit the small space between the two doors in the entryway. One door leads to our laundry room and the other leads to the downstairs half-bath. I lucked out with this table from It fit the space nicely, and has such beautiful detailing.

We started a couple of renovation projects earlier this year. As we were taking some debris outside to the dumpster, we scratched up the top of this table quite badly. I knew we could repair it, but it was going to require some paint.

I decided to go with Sherwin Williams color Faint Coral at 50%. It is not quite beige and not quite pink. I think this is one of my new favorite colors!

Here are a few shots of the painting process:

Painters tip: make sure your painting surface is clean and dry before beginning a painting project. Otherwise, you are just painting over dirt. If the surface is wet, water can dilute your paint. This could leave you with an undesirable finished product.



There are still a couple of things I want to do. First, I want to replace the light fixture. Here is a great shot of the current not-so-lovely light fixture.

I have been thinking about what light fixture to add to this space for a very long time. You might remember the post My Favorite Coastal Light Fixtures from earlier this year.

I have finally decided on a light fixture. It is traditional with a modern flare.

It has four lamps, so it will provide plenty of light. It has a polished nickle finish so it will compliment the other fixtures in the adjoining spaces. Most importantly, when I think about this fixture in my entryway it makes me smile.

There is one other thing I would like to do: replace the drawer pull on the table. There is nothing wrong with the drawer pull it already has.

But wouldn’t this tassel drawer pull look just amazing? I ordered one from Lauren Haskell Designs in white to compliment the pink table. I will show it off with photos after it arrives!