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My favorite coastal light fixtures + a little puppy drama


Today I was able to get to the chapter in Michelle Obama’s book where she spills the details on how she and Barack met. It is such a cute story and I have relished the peak into their lives. (Read: Audio Books: What I am listening to now + what I am going to listen to next)

I took this afternoon off for a little rest and relaxation. I also had to take our Yorkie, Laila to the vet. She woke us up at about 1am by making an alarming sound. She had an upset stomach and was throwing up. In the bed. Everywhere. She weights less than 5 pounds. Where is all of this coming from?!?

The husband did his best to clean up what he could. I soothed her like she was a baby. Mimi was unsure of what to make of the situation. She stayed on her daddy’s side of the bed to give Laila extra space.

Poor Laila. She moaned and panted for a couple of hours before she fell back to sleep. We kept a close eye on her, just in case her health took a turn. We were ready to rush her to the 24 hour veterinary clinic near our home. We even called to get their opinion on whether or not they thought we should come in right away.

We took her to the vet this afternoon. They took x-rays to look for obstructions. They took her blood to see if there is anything alarming going on inside our baby. As of right now, the diagnosis is that she may have had low blood sugar if she didn’t eat enough yesterday or had eaten something off the floor that disagreed with her. Either way, she is back to herself. She is eating, drinking, and even had a play fight with her sister today.


In every single photo I take of my entry way for the blog I do one thing: don’t capture the light fixture. It is an ugly boob light. It is the last one of its type in our home. And I am very much looking forward to its eviction.

The entry way if the first room you see when you enter our home. Of course…it is the entry way! It is a space without a window. There is a very small amount of natural light that peeks its way through from the big window in the kitchen. However, the space stays relatively dark without the light on.

My goal with lighting in this space is something that adds a lot of light and adds a decorative element to the tiny room. Today I am sharing my top contenders for the room: my favorite coastal light fixtures.

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Which light fixture is your favorite?

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