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Home Office Update + A Few Things I Love

You may have noticed that there has not yet been an update on my home office. Well….we got really busy with a few other things this weekend and it just didn’t happen. Oh well!

Although the room isn’t done, I am enjoying it very much. The puppies are as loving it as well.

Instead of focusing on the office today, I am going to share a few items that I am currently loving.


A few months ago, the husband and I tried a new hamburger restaurant near us. The food wasn’t that great, but they had a very lovely cucumber mint lemonade. I never would have thought that cucumber, mint, and lemonade would go together so well, but they do! We have actually gone back a couple of times just so I can have their lemonade. It is really, really good.

And then I found the Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint vodka. I mixed it with Simply Lemonade (because it is amazing lemonade all by itself) and garnished with fresh mint. It is summer is a glass.


I love shoes. I love, love, love shoes. However, I started a new job in December and I no longer work in an office. Most days I only put on flip flops to walk the dogs and check the mail.

I don’t get as dressed up as I used to on a daily basis. My need for new shoes has declined dramatically. I splurged a bit when I bought these pink slip-on beauties. I love this shade. It is light enough of a pink that it can work as a neutral. I wear them nearly every day.

Mine are from Ann Taylor and are currently unavailable. Here are a few you might love just as much: JCrew, Michael Kors, DSW, and Kate Spade.


This past Sunday was National Ice Cream day. This weekend there is an ice cream festival in Atlanta. I have my fingers crossed that the weather holds up and we are able to enjoy some unique ice cream flavors.

A few weeks ago I found a new parfait flavor: Lemon & Blueberries. It is so creamy, yet light and just the right amount of tart. If you are a fan of lemon and blueberry anything, this is for you.


I started a collection of scarves about 7 years ago after I had thyroid surgery. The surgery took a quarter of my thyroid and left me with a crazy scar on my neck. The scar is hardly visible now, but it was gross to look at for a long time following my surgery. It made children cry; it was bad.

My surgery took place in November of 2012. The weather was a bit cooler. Instead of investing in a bunch of turtleneck sweaters, I bought scarves. I still have my collection of scarves. But instead of wearing them around my neck, I tie them around the handle of my purse. It is a fun way to wear my scarves every day as well as to dress up the one handbag I carry.

Pictured above is one of my summer favorites. It is from JCrew and has light pink trim. The scarf pictured is no longer available, but here are a few you might also enjoy: JCrew, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade.

What is something you are loving right now?