Coastal Decor You Can Find at Ikea

coastal decor you can find at Ikea

This past weekend the husband and I made a trip to Ikea to pick up drawer pulls for my office. While I was there, I annoyed my husband by looking at all the new stuff. I think I picked up everything.

I was surprised at the new items they had in the store. Ikea has introduced more traditional decor items in navy blue, white, and rattan. Today I am sharing all of the lovely coastal inspired items I found.

coastal decor you can find at Ikea

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Let’s start with the white bedding with a gray trim. It is so pretty in person! I have demonstrated my love for white bedding in the past. I recently bought a white linen duvet for my master bedroom. You might see this Ikea duvet set in my guest room in the near future.

I am in love with rattan. Rattan items are on trend right now. I bought a few rattan baskets (items 2 and 12 above). The were inexpensive and are very pretty.

coastal decor you can find at Ikea

Now let’s talk about the navy pillow cases. I added two navy blue pillows to my master bedroom this past spring. I love them, but I got mine at Home Goods. If you wanted to get a pair for yourself, it is not likely that you will find a matching set. You can get a similar pair at Ikea in velvet.

Have you thought about buying a fiddle-leaf fern, but don’t have a green thumb? These plants are a bit pricey. You can find them at garden stores for about $70. I know because I have thought about buying one. My house doesn’t have a lot of natural light in the interior due to it being a townhouse. Save the hassle of buying an expensive plant and later killing it by picking up a faux version for about $50. It will always be green and no one has to water your plants when you are on vacation.

coastal decor you can find at Ikea

Recently I went on a search for new lamps for my office. It wasn’t until I wasn’t able to find something I liked at Home Goods or Target that I realized how expensive light fixtures can get. I picked these two lamps up for about $130. They are lovely, but they were not cheap.

If you are looking for trendy light fixture for your dining room, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, Ikea is the place to go. This fixture can be yours for about $30. That puts this fixture into the affordable category.

coastal decor you can find at Ikea

Ikea has some really great looking decor items. I already have a mental list of what I am going to get the next time I visit!