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Home Office Makeover Week 1

It has been several weeks since the husband and I finished our master bedroom makeover. We have been taking advantage of every free moment to hangout in our room. We love it. Want to see more? You can see the final reveal here.

It is time to move to the next project on my to-do list: my home office.


I work from home and use the room nearly every day. One of the issues I have with the current room is storage. Just adding cabinets is a little tricky. The room is a sun room with windows all along the the front wall. Additionally, there is a french door leading to the back yard, a door that leads to a storage room on the right wall, and double french doors on the back wall. That leaves one wall without a door!

The room, although light on storage, is actually quite lovely. It has light gray walls with white trim. Lots of natural light from the three large windows on the front wall.

My desk consists of a thick piece of clear glass that further lightens the space.

So what is the issue? I have decided to repurpose our old Ikea dresser from our bedroom for additional storage in my office. The dresser has dark wood and needs to be painted in order to be a better fit for the space. It currently looks out of place and sucks light out of that side of the room.

This room needs a piece of artwork that is larger, lamps for additional lighting, and maybe even a plant. I had a plant in here before, but it got a little large for this room. We moved it upstairs to the guest room.


This project is going to be a quick one. It would be done faster if I did not have to wait a week for the paint to cure before using the dresser and the drawers. Also, it has been awhile since the space has been deep cleaned. I am using this project as an excuse to wash the curtains, dust the walls, touch up paint where needed, and clean the trim really well.

Week 1 – Begin painting dresser and shop for new lamps.

Week 2 – Finish painting the dresser. Prime and paint the dresser drawers. Shop for drawer handles. Wash curtains and clean walls and trim.

Week 3 – Organize drawers and add decorative elements.


This weekend the husband and I pulled the dresser out of my office into the living room. I sanded and put two coats of Kilz primer on the dresser. Next weekend I will start adding cabinet paint.

I moved all of the living room furniture toward the far end of the room to make room for painting. I thought about taking the dresser outside to paint, but there was a chance of rain and it was really hot. I reduced the risk of having to rush the dresser inside should it begin to rain and my risk of a sunburn by working inside. The dresser drawers are currently stacked up, ready to be primed as soon as time permits.

My office is now looking a little chaotic. Working next week is going to be a bit depressing, but there will be plenty of room to roll around in my office chair!

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