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Happy New Year 2022 and Few Other Things to be Happy About

Happy New Year! It is the start of a new year. I am entering this year cautiously, but happily.

Yesterday the husband and I took part in a few traditions: sleeping in late, taking down the Christmas decorations, including the tree, watching a bit of football, and calling our friends and family to wish them well.  It has been such a relaxing day; I hope it was for you as well. 

Something that most people start talking about on January 1 are New Year’s resolutions.  The idea sounds more like a personal performance review.  Instead, I would like to think about what I am doing well and what is making me happy.  Let’s get to the list…


ONE – We bought a house in Florida and have moved out of Atlanta.  The house is a bit of a fixer-upper so there will be lots of project posts this year.  The house may not be as beautiful as the townhouse we lived in for the last 6 years, but we still love being here.

TWO – Our new house is about 30 to 40 minutes from the beach.  I got some nice beach chairs for Christmas that we took for a spin on the patio. I took some photos to share, but they all came out blurry. I will try again, promise!

THREE – We spent most of this afternoon hanging out on the patio by the pool.  I am incredibly grateful that I have the means to do this.  It made for a very relaxing day. 

FOUR – I have started the daily skincare routine I promised myself I would start.  Who cares I made the promise nearly two years ago?  I have had a skincare routine of some sort since I was a teenager.  However, I feel I have adequately stepped up my game for someone now in their early 40’s.  

FIVE – The husband and I have been exercising so much more since moving to Florida.  We bought bicycles and ride around our neighborhood.  Our neighborhood is a bit on the large side, but there isn’t a lot of traffic.  We have been putting in the miles and are stronger as a result.  I am not going to dedicate to doing a set number of miles every week.  Instead, we are taking it in stride and having fun. 

Here is a shot of the trail in our neighborhood from one of our recent bike rides

SIX – I got the husband a tennis racket for Christmas.  I took tennis lessons with my bestie, Julie, a few years ago.  I loved it…when the instructor was on time.  The husband is interested in hitting the court with me.  We now live in a neighborhood with a few courts available for use so we have no excuse not to play.

SEVEN – We bought a toaster and it has made breakfast time just delightful!  I know this sounds silly because toasters are easy for most people to afford.  I have never personally owned a toaster.  My husband doesn’t remember the last time he has had one.  For years, we have had a tiny kitchen that could only hold the necessities so we made toast in the oven.  We now have a much larger kitchen.  The toaster is a lovely addition to our family.  

EIGHT – This is something I haven’t talked about much, but we survived the townhouse remodel of our Atlanta home.  We finished all of the renovations in April.  We put it on the market in August.  We moved out in September.  It was a whirlwind experience and I am so happy we did as it has brought us to the lovely place we have now.  

NINE – We are happy about all the funny things that get posted on Instagram. Here are a couple of my favorites from the last few days:

TEN – All of us are happy and healthy. This is a biggie considering COVID.  Laila, our Yorkie, is turning 13 this year. Mimi, our Chihuahua, is turning 6. We are all doing great. If everyone is healthy, what more do you need?

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