Fabulist: My Favorite Items this Fall

It has been awhile since I have been here. I think about this little blog all the time, but just have not been able to find inspiration. I am sure that I am not the only one to feel this way.

I would like to say that I have a lot of updates to report. I don’t. I have not been up to an awful lot. I get up, go to work in my home office, work until it is dark outside, eat dinner, and then go to bed. The next day I repeat the same steps.

Yesterday I woke up and felt a bit more like myself. It was like a fog was slowly moving away from my eyes and a weight was lifting from my shoulders. I finally feel motivated to be here. I feel creative and inspired. And I want to share that creativity with you.


Sources: JCrew cashmere crewneck sweater with bird’s-eye stitch | JCrew Denim popover shirt in Billy wash | Essie Fall 2020 Collection nail polish | Bath and Bodyworks 3-wick candle in Honeycrisp Apple | Target Raffia Pumpkin figurine | Tory Burch Multi-logo leopard elastic ballet | Pottery Barn velvet handcrafted box stitch quilt | Le Creuset cast iron round dutch oven | West Elm Maker’s Studio Potters Table wall art | Tory Burch Lee Radziwill Double Bag


It has been awhile since many of us have gone shopping for anything other than food and absolute necessities, like toilet paper. However, I received the new Pottery Barn catalog and this velvet beauty was displayed inside. I already have a white linen duvet (you can see photos here: One Room Challenge | Master Bedroom Retreat Final Reveal). I would just LOVE to wrap myself in this soft fabric during the winter months. I definitely have this on my wish list.

I am also loving this blue and white painting from West Elm. I have been thinking about what art work to add to our house next and this caught my eye.

The last 3 items pictured here, I have already purchased: Le Creuset dutch oven in matte white, Honeycrisp Apple 3-wick candle, and the raffia pumpkin. My Le Creuset dutch oven is my favorite pot for cooking. I have a 5 quart pot and use it several times a week. It is great for going from the stove-top to the oven for one-pot meals. I also picked up a few of the Honeycrisp Apple scented 3-wick candles from Bath and Body Works. My house smells amazing!


I love the colors of fall. They include deep greens, blues, yellows, oranges, and reds. The colors are soothing, comforting, and best of all, flattering!

My choices for my fall Fabulist include a tunic from JCrew, meant to be worn lose and comfortably and a soft JCrew cashmere sweater. My top pick for shoes are a pair of neutral colored leopard print ballet slippers from Tory Burch. Also from the fall Tory Burch line is a deep green suede bag. The official color name is Leccio. It is large enough to hold all of your day to day essentials without being so big it will hurt your arm.

For a little extra flair this season, I am loving 3 of the new shades from the Essie 2020 fall collection: heart of the jungle (green), adrenaline brush (red/orange), and swing of things (red/purple/pink).

What are a few items you have been thinking about purchasing for fall?