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Weekly Cleaning Challenge | Clean Behind Washing Machine & Dryer

My laundry room is not the prettiest room in my house. It is beige.  There are large holes in the walls from where the husband and I took down some shelves. The washing machine is on the right instead of the left.  The light switch is in the closet across from the dryer.  This means that I have to enter the room, open a closet door, and then turn on the light.  Such a pain.

I am really looking forward to renovating this room.  It is not likely to occur this year.  I want to finish the master bathroom, finish the guest room, have the walls in the stairwell repaired and painted, and update the storage room.  It isn’t likely that we will have the time, or the money, to also start on the laundry room.

When we do renovate, there are a few things I would really like to do.  First, I want to move the water line to the left side of the room.  Next, I want to stack the washing machine and dryer to make room for cabinetry.  I want to add bottom cabinets to the right side of the stacked washing machine and dryer.  The counter space will be ideal for folding clean laundry.  The cabinets will be great for pull out hampers to hold dirty clothes before they get washed and other cleaning supplies.  I would also like to add upper cabinets and a hanging rod.  A lovely tile back splash and blue/gray paint would like nice on the walls.  Most importantly, move the light switch out of the closet.

I love dreaming about what this room will one day be like.  In the mean time, it is time to get cleaning.  This week is week 6 of my 50 week cleaning challenge.  This week I am challenging myself, and you, to cleaning behind your washing machine and dryer.


When was the last time that you cleaned behind your washing machine and dryer?  If it has been awhile, the area is probably a bit dusty.  There might even been a sock or two tucked back there.  If it has been more than a year, consider adding this task to your to-do list.  Ready for the challenge?  It is time to clean behind your washing machine and dryer.

  1. Slide your machines away from the wall, one at a time.  I suggest using appliance glides to help the machines slide easily and to prevent scratches on your floors.
  2. Using the dusting brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, vacuum as much lose debris as possible.
  3. Disconnect the dryer vent hose.
  4. Using the hose of your vacuum cleaner, vacuum the inside of the dryer vent hose to remove debris and buildup.
  5. Reconnect the dryer vent hose.
  6. Using an all-purpose cleaner, wet a paper towel or a dusting rag.  Wipe down the back and sides of the machines, the walls, and the floor.
  7. Slide your machines back to their original position.

After you have finished, treat yourself to a glass of wine and a great movie on the couch.  You earned it!

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