Decorate Patio

Our Patio Tour

We are celebrating the second summer in our home.  We have set up the patio furniture for a relaxing weekend.  We are going to be relaxing, sipping cocktails, and grilling.

The sofa and cushions are from Ikea.  We purchased this piece a few years ago for our high-rise apartment.  We have been enjoying it for the last few years.  Our apartment had a small patio space that was long enough for this sectional, but still wide enough for us to be able to walk around it.

The cushions are made with fabric that is perfect for leaving them outside.  However, we bring ours inside between uses.  This keeps them bright white and dry.  When they do get dirty, I can remove the covers from the cushions and throw them in the washing machine.

The throw pillows are a combination of Target and HomeGoods finds.  The throw blanket is a Target find.  It is great for nights when it gets a little chilly.  I can relax on the sofa while our little girls play in the grass.

Here is one happy puppy:

Last fall we planted two hydrangeas.  They have been blooming, but we are currently low on flowers.  We should see more blooms soon.  I am so excited as I have always wanted to grow hydrangeas.  This is the first time that the hubby and I have lived in a region that is ideal for these beautiful plants.

Last fall we dug up the weeds in the small flowerbed to the left of our patio.  It is a space between our our patio and our neighbor’s backyard.  Added a few Evergreen trees and these beautiful shrubs with yellow leaves.  It creates a privacy screen and fills the space with a pop of color.

We also pulled out our small patio table and chairs.   It is a set I purchased for a camping trip.  This set has proven to be super easy to clean and it folds up for winter storage.

We had a planter garden last year.  We planted jalapenos, cayenne peppers, habanero peppers, and basil.  Unfortunately, none of those plants made it through the winter.  We got freezing rain one night and I completely forgot to bring the plants inside.   We have decided to start over this year.  We planted some jalapenos and cayenne peppers.

This weekend is going to be fun.  It is going to be nice relaxing with the husband.  We are going to use the time to play with our puppies and spend some quality time together.