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One Room Challenge | Master Bedroom Relaxing Retreat

It is time for another One Room Challenge and I am in! For this challenge, we will be making over our master bedroom. I am so excited as we have been putting off this makeover for far too long.

I had my contractor over this week to talk about some projects that will be kicking off in June. He reminded me that we had our bedroom set up in the living room when we started his first project with us. It is a reminder of how far we have come with our house in the 3 years that we have lived here.


The wall color is good. We painted the walls and the trim as soon as we got the keys to the house. When we first closed, we were on a mission to get our room painted before the new hardwood floors were installed. After the walls and trim were painted, we stalled because were stuck living downstairs for nearly 6 weeks.

What is really bothering me about this room is the furniture placement. The dresser and nightstands are not exactly thrilling me either. We made a purchase of temporary furniture right after we moved to Atlanta. It was meant to last us for two or three years. Here were are more than 5 years later living with our Ikea dresser and night stands. They have been fine, but that is about it. They are just fine.

Furniture placement has been the instigator of many fights since moving to this house. As of right this moment, we cannot open our bedroom window. We can’t open it because our bed is blocking it. Why is our bed blocking the window? Because the dresser is so long that it does not fit on any other wall. It drives me nuts that I can’t open one of the very few windows we have in this center unit townhouse. I am a big fan of natural light and fresh air. I am really looking forward to solving this issue.

In true remodel fashion, our doors are half painted and need the new hardware to be installed. We have gone without door knobs for a ridiculously long time.




I will finish this project over the course of the next five weeks. The project plan by week is as follows:

Week 1 – Schedule the cable company to come out and install a new cable line. Order the dresser as it is currently on sale.

Week 2 – Make room for the night stands in other parts of the house. Put the dresser up for sale. Update the furniture configuration.

Week 3 – Touch up the paint on the window frame, hang the new drapery rod, hang the new curtains. Order sign for over the bed.

Week 4 – Pick up new bedding, lamps, and install a new ceiling fan.

Week 5 – Paint art for the walls, pick up frames for photos.

Week 6 –  Add remaining decorative elements and make the bed.

I look forward to sharing the details of this project as it progresses over the coming weeks!

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  1. Sandra says:

    Do you have a large coloset? Many times, a dresser will fit in a closet with the clothes hanging above it.

    1. Tiffany McLaurin says:

      Sandra, That is a great idea! Thanks!

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