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One Room Challenge | Master Bedroom Relaxing Retreat Week 5

It is week 5 of the One Room Challenge. That means that there is only one week to go!

For those of you that are new to The Organized Wife, I am renovating my master bedroom during a six week challenge called The One Room Challenge. During this time, I am challenging myself to renovating my master bedroom while sharing the project progress each week.

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The to-do list for this week included five items: install a new ceiling fan, paint the television stand/raiser to match our dresser, paint the entry way door and closet door, install the new hardware for the doors, and sew a roman shade for the window.

The husband and I have decided to forget the ceiling fan at this point. We are going to keep the one we have for now. We went shopping for a new fan. We hated everything we saw and decided to give up for the time being.

I did get the television stand in this before photo painted. We took one of our dresser drawers to Sherwin Williams. They have a tool that allowed them to be able to match the paint color. It is great because the stand now matches the dresser perfectly.

We don’t yet have the stand in the room. Unfortunately, the paint needs a week to cure properly. It will be all set for the final reveal.

About our doors…

It is a funny story. We started painting all the doors in our home about two years ago. We took off the old knobs, sanded the doors, cleaned them, primed them, and then realized we were too tired to keep going. It is funny because we still have 6 doors that need to be finished. There are 8 doors if you include the 2 unfinished doors in our bedroom.

This week we finished painting one door, the entry way door. It is nice because we now have a working door knob!! It is so simple, but means so much to us. (Door without a handle is also pictured above.)

The last thing that was on the plan for this week was a new roman shade. The roman shade isn’t done and it makes me so sad. First, I did not buy enough fabric. I decided to move forward as far as I could and pick up more fabric tomorrow.

Second, my sewing machine will not stop bunching the bobbin thread. I spent about three hours sewing one line, picking the thread out, re-threading the machine, and starting over. I think the machine needs to be oiled. Of course I don’t have any as that would be too convenient. I am going to pick up oil tomorrow and see if that helps. If no, I might not get the roman shade done before the final reveal.


  1. Finish painting the closet door. And then have the husband replace the hardware. I am excited about having a door knob.
  2. Finish sewing the roman shade, if possible. It is going to depend on the sewing machine cooperating.
  3. We are still waiting for the art pieces I ordered last week to be delivered. They should be here in a few days. I have my fingers crossed that they are not delayed. After they arrive, we will need to hang them.
  4. We still need to style our night stands. I have tried out a few ideas, but have not finalized the design.
  5. Put the television stand on the dresser and organize all the wires associated with the television.

When I started writing this post, I didn’t think there was that much that still needed to be done. After reading what I wrote, it does feel like that there is quite a lot to still be done.

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