A new way to think about your wallet

When I think of a wallet, I think of what my mom carried when I was a kid.  It was clunky, never closed properly, and had a large bulge on one side from the change that wasn’t a the bottom of my mom’s purse.  It held some really old pictures of me and my siblings in a plastic binder that looked like it was melted against each photo.  It also held the family checkbook.

It was a staple in my mom’s life and a fixture I remember from my childhood.  This was the equipment my mother required in order to keep her money close at hand and embarrassing pictures of me at her fingertips.

Modernizing My Wallet

The need of a traditional wallet is no more.  My checkbook has been reduced to a plastic card and every photo I want you to see is on display on Instagram.  Instead of a checkbook and photo holding eye sore, I want a wallet that allows me the convenience of leaving my purse in the car or at home while still having easy access to the necessities that I need and subs as a purse organizer. The necessities include lip gloss, a ponytail holder, my debit card, my drivers license, my cell phone, and a tampon for emergencies. Maybe even a little cash so I can splurge on valet parking.

What I need is a little less wallet and more of a clutch.  A beautiful, easy to carry clutch.

The Story of My Clutch

A few years ago my husband surprised me with a trip to the Louis Vuitton store.  I had been coveting the Neverfull bag and he knew it.  At the time of the purchase, he tried to talk me into getting the matching wallet.  I am not the biggest fan of $800 wallets in the first place, but I really didn’t want to spend that kind of cash on something I didn’t want.  The fancy wallet just wasn’t me.

The bag I purchased came with a matching clutch.  I think I may have been just as excited for the clutch as I was for the bag itself.  To this day, it was the best $1,200 spent!

I have carried the same bag everyday for about 3 years.  I haven’t touched my Dooneys, Kate Spades, Coaches, Todds, or Furla bags.  They sit safely in their dust bags waiting for me to change my mind.

True Clutch Love

Why do I love this clutch so much?  It has room for all of the important items I like to keep with me without the nuance of ALWAYS carrying a purse.  I can open it and see everything I am carrying.  My purse doesn’t offer that because it is too big. And it is often heavy from the loads of crap I jam into it. From an impromptu happy hour with coworkers to running into a store, I ditch the bag and grab my clutch.

Also, it makes getting dressed up easier.  Going out often means sitting at small, intimate tables or hanging at a bar.  So many places just don’t have space for a large bag.  Additionally, It dresses up an outfit better than a purse can.  I can just grab my clutch and I am ready to go.