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New Laundry Room Rug, Bunny Cookie Jar, & a Family Visit

Hello, friend. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had a great weekend. It has been awhile since I have had what I consider a regular person style weekend. For weeks, the husband and I have been shopping for tile, looking at cabinets, driving around town looking at stone, or one of the other 1 million things that come with a remodel. This weekend was normal and I loved it!

This weekend I went on a shopping adventure, had a chair break, picked up way too many boxes of Girl Scout cookies, had a visit from family, and got a present from the husband. Let’s get to all the details…


It is not often that we get visitors. I do have neighbors that come over from time to time. Their visits are mostly due to our trashcan being next to the road for too long or if they get some of our mail in their mailbox. They never want to visit. Their loss.

Honestly, if any of my neighbors are reading this: you do not want to come over right now. Wait another couple of weeks. You will get dirty by being in my home.

Okay…so our house is a mess and we are not entertaining as normal people do. However, we had family in town for a wedding and we loved it that they stopped over. My aunt and uncle had the privilege to see our home right after we moved in. It was about 2 days after our stuff was delivered and we were still sleeping in the living room. We didn’t have the water turned on yet.

They got to see all of the brown painted walls, the beige trim, bad lighting, and the maze of boxes. We only think our place looks bad now; it looked horrific then.

We got to show off the entry way, my office, the living room, the dining room, our guest room, our master bedroom, and the current status of our laundry room. Despite how dusty every surface of our home currently is, we were so incredibly happy to have them visit.


My office chair, pictured below, has been my desk chair for many, many years. We have owned it since we lived in Florida. In fact, my chair had a twin sister that my mother-in-law had at her home as a desk chair until recently.

I have used this chair nearly every single day for the last year. I began working from home and needed to do so. Before this job, I only sat in the chair a few hours a week. I mostly sat in it when I was working on postings for the blog.

This week, her leg broke.

It didn’t just break, it shattered. (Don’t mind the dust on the floor. We are remodeling and keeping the floors clean is a futile mission.) It got me to thinking that maybe I didn’t need to buy so many boxes of Thin Mints.

After our laundry room project is over, I will start looking for new office chairs. I may even go for something that is actually meant to be used as an office chair instead of a wing back chair retro-fitted with casters.

In the mean time, I have recruited one of my tufted living room chairs. This chair sits high, like a desk chair. The downside is that it is a very light fabric chair; coffee stains will show.


It has been awhile since I have had the time and the energy to go shopping for anything other than tile, stone, and cabinets. This weekend I found a few hours to slip away.

I headed to HomeGoods to get a new shower curtain liner. We bought a new shower curtain liner from Target last weekend. Turns out that the darn thing was not for 12 grommets. Instead, it only covered 10 of the 12 grommets of my shower curtain. Because I could not get what I wanted for Target, I HAD to go to HomeGoods.

While I was at HomeGoods, of course I found a shower curtain liner. I also found this little guy:

This is an adorable rug. I believe it is a 2’x3′ rug. The dimensions might be slightly off, but it is close to that size. It was only $20 and would be perfect for the laundry room. I love the light blue, creams, and pale pink. It looks so pretty on the linen textured floor tiles of the laundry room.

I also found a bunny cookie jar.

Easter isn’t for about 2 months, but it was calling my name. I don’t know if this is its home for the season, but it does look cute next to the white lamp.

I picked up one more thing while I was out: 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. We have only opened one box; the remaining boxes are going in the freezer.


My husband is sweet, but he isn’t a man to do gifts very well. This weekend he nailed it.

This is a view of our trashcan. It sits in front of the bay window. It has even left marks on the painted wood from the rubber at the bottom of the trashcan. To put it mildly, it is ugly and I hate that it sits up there on its trashcan pedestal.

So the husband got me this:

It is a pull-out trashcan that hides away in the cabinet!!!! I love it so very much.

Now we have a bunch of random items that were once in that cabinet that need a new home. I am thinking those items can go in my new pantry in the laundry room!

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