Crafts How-to's

Neutral Halloween Ghost Garland

I do not typically gravitate to Halloween decor like I do fall decor. I love pumpkins, but fake blood not so much. Additionally, I am really loving the neutral decor movement that is taking place in the world of design. It has inspired me to create a neutral Halloween ghost garland for my fireplace.


Step 1: Because I used my hand as a template for how big I wanted the ghosts to be, I started with holding the end of the yarn against my palm with my thumb.

Step 2: Wrap the yarn around your hand. I wrapped the yarn around my hand 30 times for each ghost. I found that this made them a nice thickness: not too much and not too little.

This is what my hand looked like when I finished wrapping the yarn.

Step 3: Cut the end of the yarn, remove it from your hand, and put to the side. I repeated step 3 ten times before moving to step 4.

Step 4: I cut a length of yarn of about 3 inches. I then tied that piece of yarn around the top of each of the bundles to create the head of the ghost.

Step 5: Cut the rounded edges of the bottom of each ghost.

Step 6: I cut 3 long pieces of yarn that were longer than the length of my fireplace. I then braided the 3 pieces in a loose braid.

Step 7: I then threaded the braided yarn through the head of each of the ghosts.

Step 8: Take a lot of pictures because this garland is adorable!