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Laundry Room Design Plan

I am so incredibly excited about my laundry room remodel. With the help of my contractor and his team, we are going to take the dark closet that is my current laundry room and turn it into a space that fits in with the rest of our charming Georgian style home.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a photo of my laundry room as it is today with a few items that I would like to have included in this room, including a space to fold laundry. (You can read the post here: My Laundry Room Wish List and Design Inspiration.) The room isn’t tiny, but it is using the space it has very badly.


My goals for this room are to:

  1. Add space to fold laundry.
  2. Have a space to hang up clothing as it comes out of the dryer.
  3. Stack the washing machine and dryer so I do not have to bend over to get clothes out of the dryer.
  4. Have a space to store bulk purchases of toilet paper and paper towels.
  5. Have a space to store laundry supplies so they do not have to sit on the counter.
  6. Have a space for a pantry.

I know, a pantry in the laundry room isn’t ideal. However, there is simply no space for a pantry in the kitchen; the kitchen too small. We have been using the coat closet in our dining room as a pantry for a couple of years. It is fine and would have been perfect if we had decided to move our kitchen to the existing dining room. However, we have since changed our minds to move the kitchen.

The existing pantry closet is a bit too far away and we would like the extra closet space back. My solution is to add a floor to ceiling pantry closet in the laundry room.


This part is going to get a little boring, but stay with me…

The room is 5 feet deep and 7’1″ wide. It includes a 24″ closet door that opens into the room. It also includes a 32″ door that opens into the entry way. Our laundry room is across from the entry to the kitchen.

We are going to add a 24″ x 90″ pantry cabinet to the left. The center will include a 30 inch base cabinet and a 30″ x 20″ upper cabinet above with a metal rod for hanging clothes. The counter top will be Carrara marble. On the right will be the stacked LG washing machine and dryer.

We are going to remove the exiting light fixture and replace it with three 4″ recessed lights. There isn’t a window in this room so we are going to add lots of overhead lights with Daylight light bulbs.


Ikea Pantry Cabinet | Ikea Base Cabinet | Ikea Upper Cabinet

White Back splash Subway Tile | LG Washing Machine | LG Dryer

LG Stacking Kit | Minted Wall Print | Chrome Drying Rack

Behr Paint Color Subtle Touch | Linen Textured Floor Tile

I showed this design to my husband. His first thought was that the room was going to be very white. White cabinets. White crown molding (not shown). White doors. White ceiling. White back splash tile. There is even a bit of white in the floor tile. Lots and lots of white.

Keep in mind that the walls are going to be a light gray. Also, this room does not have a window. Therefore, the room is going to look darker. It is going to need all the fixtures to be light. Dark cabinets or a dark wall color would close the room in.


There are a few details that are not quite worked out:

  1. Cabinet hardware – This is a finishing detail that does not yet have to be decided. However, it would be nice if I could have my contractor install the hardware.
  2. Drying rack – Is the chrome drying rack going to be installed inside of the upper cabinet and pulled out when needed or installed directly on either the left or right wall?
  3. Art – Is there room for artwork without fear of it being knocked off the wall?

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