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Home Office Makeover Week 3 Update

Welcome to my Home Office Makeover Week 3 update. For those of you that are new to the blog, I am making over an old dresser in my home office. I am also updating a few decor elements to make the space more cohesive and bright.

Let’s talk a little about where we left off last week…


Last week was super busy. I finished painting the dresser and moved it back into my office. I also tested out how the space would look with two lamps by using the lamps from the dining room. Beautiful is how it looked.

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I also hung a cork board with a homemade pompom garland. It is so cute! I just love looking up and seeing it.

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I also repositioned the rug to under the desk and cleaned the walls.


This week was a bit more relaxed as I didn’t have a lot of heavy furniture to move. My back thanked me.

I brought in a pro to help us get started.

Just kidding. That is Mimi. She was preoccupied with her chew stick and barking at anyone she saw outside. The Yorkie wasn’t any help either. But I think that is what you get when you work with volunteers.

Last weekend I made it to The Container Store. They were having a 4th of July sale on many of their storage bins. I did a little analysis of what I was going to be storing and then made a trip. I picked up about a dozen containers in various sizes.

Then it was time to get to work.

I have two drawers that are dedicated to overflow items from our master bedroom makeover. I have one drawer for my gym clothes.

And a second drawer for scarves, beach cover-ups, and snacks. I am married. Of course I hide snacks.

The remaining four drawers are dedicated to craft and office related items.

The bottom drawer on the left side is for my gift wrapping items. I previously had part of this my gift wrapping accouterments in a plastic bin and the other part at the bottom of the navy blue dresser in the guest room. I was ready to bring it all together.

When I started piling everything up, I realized I have a lot of ribbon, gift bags, gift boxes, and tissue paper. There is definitely more in this drawer than I thought there would be.

Starting from the top of the right side of the dresser, there is the drawer that is now dedicated to office supplies. I chose the top drawer for these items so they would be the most accessible.

I organized all of the small items in jars I previously picked up from Ikea. Also, I tested all of the markers to ensure that they still worked. Why keep them if they don’t even write?

I made a special place for printer paper so it doesn’t get folded. I added another bin for tape, a pencil sharpener, staples, and other miscellaneous items I need from time to time.

The second drawer on the right is dedicated to craft paper and supplies. I used to be really into card making. I still enjoy making a nice card from time to time. Now I will have my craft supplies right behind my chair.

The bottom drawer on the right is dedicated to my sewing supplies. Before transitioning to the drawer, I had items in two plastic bins and the drawers in my bookshelf. My sewing supplies were scattered and it was a hassle to find anything. Now I have yarn, my glue gun, thread, pins, needles, and even extra fabric all in one place.

Now lets talk about the lamps…

I have been searching for a very long time for lamps. In March I started looking for lamps to put in my master bedroom for the project we did for The One Room Challenge. (You can read those posts here.) After not finding a set I loved, I moved the lamps from the dining room upstairs.

I think these are the most gorgeous lamps of all time and I love them so very much.

My search then switched to looking for new lamps for the dining room. That was until I moved the lamps from the guest room into the dining room.

My search pivoted to finding lamps for the guest room until I found this sweet Kate Spade set from Home Goods.

The search was then transitioned to new lamps for my office. As of a couple of days ago, the search is officially over. I found beautiful lamps for my office!


It has been three weeks and this project is still not done. There are still a few remaining tasks to be completed.

I still need to wash the curtains. I told myself I was going to get this done this weekend, but did not. I spent more time organizing the dresser than I thought I would. Next weekend I will have this done for sure.

I still need to buy pulls for the drawers. I found some at Ikea. They are currently on sale for $8.99 for a 2 pack and are nearly 16 inches long. They are going to be lovely.

The husband has promised that if I pick them up, he will install them for me.

With only a couple of to-do list items remaining, this project will be done next week. I am so excited!!! The room is already looking amazing. It is going to be even better once it is done.

Come back next week for the final reveal!