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Weekly Cleaning Challenge | Clean Your Doors

Quick: how many doors do you have in your house?

The husband and I have 20 in doors in our house. We have three bedrooms, a sun room, a storage room, 7 closets, a laundry room, and 3 bathrooms.  For some reason there is a door from our entry way to our kitchen.  So many doors.

Doors are great.  They keep air in.  They keep light out.  They make it easy to hide stuff you don’t want visitors to see. Unfortunately, doors are considered high touch surfaces, like door knobs and light switches.  We touch them all the time.  The more we touch them, the more likely they are to get dirty.  In the case of some of my doors, down right filthy.

If you have even one door with a black smudge, or worse, a hand print, this week’s post is for you.  It is time to clean your doors.


A couple of weeks ago I was dusting my entry way.  My entry way includes a white painted table, four white doors, and a lot of white wainscoting.  I love white, but man it is easy to see when it gets dirty.  While I was dusting, I noticed that the doors had dust in the panels.  This is proof that yuck can pile up even if you don’t have little ones walking around the house with dirty hands, touching things.

When tackling a dirty door,  I recommend a light dusting with a microfiber cloth to remove any loose debris.  For painted doors, lightly spray a paper towel with an all purpose cleaner.  Wipe lightly from top to bottom.  For wood doors, use a furniture wax or polish to wipe down and give the door a beautiful, clean glow.

Keep your doors gleaming by adding them to your regular cleaning routine.  Take a look at their condition about once a month.  It is easier to keep them sparkling if they are cleaned on a regular basis.


Sometimes we need a little inspiration.  In order to help get you motivated, I have pulled together a collection of beautiful front doors.  Enjoy your inspiration!



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