Our Weekend Winter Wonderland

This weekend, the husband and I got to experience a weekend winter wonderland.  It started Friday morning.  It started sleeting as I walked out the door to head to work.  Before lunch, our office was shutting down due to the amount of snow that was sticking to the ground.

Excited to get my weekend started a little early, I headed home.  It took me nearly 2 hours to travel the 4 1/2 mile distance from where I work to my house.  That was a long commute.  By the time I got home, this was the view that was waiting for me.A couple of hours later, the snow was still falling.  It was falling in think clumps that almost didn’t look real.  To look at it from the window, it looked like soap drifting from the sky. We decided to take the girls outside to let them play.  Laila, our Yorkie, has played in snow before.  Mimi, on the other hand, this was her first time playing in the snow.

Mimi loved being outside in the snow.  I had to drag her back inside.

As the evening went on, we lost power.  Fortunately, the husband had picked up fire wood for the fire place.  We were able to light a fire for warmth and light some candles for additional light.  We streamed music from our phone to a battery operated blue tooth speaker so we had something to sing along to as we played games.  We were without power from about 9pm to 2am.  We are incredibly lucky that the power came back on when it did as we were out of fire wood and the house was starting to get really cold.

You can see from the coffee table that I had my pom pom wreath supplies out.  Mimi tried to help me out with a couple of pom poms.  Instead of putting them together, she was taking them apart.  She was able to pull apart two pom poms before I noticed what she was doing.  It was dark, after all.  This is the mess my silly girl made:

Saturday morning I woke up, bundled up, and went out side.  This is how beautiful it was outside:

We got anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of snow.  This is a big deal because I live in Atlanta.  We have lived here for almost four years.  This was our first time seeing snow this early in the season.  It was also the first time we have seen this much snow at one time.  It is common for us to get a light dusting a couple of times during the winter.  Usually, it is February before we see snow.

It was so incredibly beautiful to look at.  Our neighbors even made a snowman.  However, I am very happy to see it go.