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Fall Decor Idea | DIY Fall Pillow Printable

September 18, 2017

We are days away from the official start of fall.  My Japanese Maple tree is beginning to turn colors.  The unknown tree in my front yard is turning colors as well.  The temperature outside is starting to cool down.  It was 62 degrees when I left for work on Wednesday.  I had to put on a light jacket to keep from feeling too cold. …and pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere! I picked up a new…

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How to Paint an Outdated Light Fixture

September 14, 2017

Our house was built in 1985.  Like many homes built during that time frame, it has a few finishes that are not so endearing. This includes, but is by no means limited to, the brass light fixture in the dining room.  We had an outdated light fixture on our hands! This fixture had been in the home so long that it had nearly come back in style.  Unfortunately, the finish was tarnished and did not…

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Our home entry way update

September 6, 2017

The husband and I have been in our house for about a year and half.  We have not finished nearly as many renovation projects as we would have liked during this time frame.  I blame our busy schedules and lack of enthusiasm.  It is a bit difficult to talk yourself into giving up more than a few weekends in a row to paint, sand, and paint some more. We have pulled together a few spaces…

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How I updated my built-in bookcase

August 23, 2017

Today I am sharing how I updated my built-in bookcase.  This is a serious subject for me as it has taken me the better part  of 9 months to actually finish. THE BEGINNING Let’s start at the beginning. When we closed on the house, this is what the living room looked like.  It had brown walls and cream trim.  There were only two recessed lights in the living room.  The room was dark, dingy, and…

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How to organize mail clutter

August 7, 2017

Incoming mail is a hot topic in my house right now.  We don’t know what to do with it let alone know how to organize mail clutter.  Too often it ends up on the kitchen counter only to get wet from washing dishes or splatter from cooking.  Then the paper dries to the counter top leaving a mess. The other common drop spot for mail in our house is the kitchen table.  It feels like…

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Our Patio Tour

July 12, 2017

We are celebrating the second summer in our home.  We have set up the patio furniture for a relaxing weekend.  We are going to be relaxing, sipping cocktails, and grilling. The sofa and cushions are from Ikea.  We purchased this piece a few years ago for our high-rise apartment.  We have been enjoying it for the last few years.  Our apartment had a small patio space that was long enough for this sectional, but still…

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My home office reveal

July 10, 2017

Today I am revealing my recently renovated home office. MY OFFICE We have been living in our town home since February 2016.  We have managed to finish 1 room to-date: my office.  Our projects have been riddled with indecision, items that went on back order, items I loved that were discontinued, and the fact that we only have nights and weekends to put into the remodel.  Throw in a year’s worth of excuses and that…

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my home office design plan

July 5, 2017

Last November our contractor started working on our sun room to help me turn it into a fabulous home office.  The sun room is a long, narrow space. It was dark, despite the number of windows, due to dark brown paint on the walls. Before the Changes Started Before the contractor started working his magic, the room looked like this: And like this, from another angle: The walls are a flat brown, all the trim…

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