Currently | Updates and a Few Personal Stories

I love keeping you all up to date with the things that are going on in my life, but it is hard to write a blog post about that elegantly covers everything.  I often have a lot of little stories that I never share.  I received positive feedback about my last currently post, so lets do another!

We have officially taken down all of our Christmas decor.  Finally, right?  Everything is in boxes, but it is yet to be put away.  This is a view of my living room right now.  It isn’t very pretty.  It has a little work to go to get it all cleaned up and pretty again.

The husband has promised to help me clean out our storage room so there will be space for the decor to stay in the house.  I really don’t want to put all of this in the attic.  Our attic gets really hot during the summer months.  I am afraid that the plastic items will melt.  We have a few items in storage room (the space we have in our townhouse that replaces having storage in a garage) that would be a better fit for the attic.  I have my fingers crossed that we can get this done this week.

I had to get dog food last night.  We ran errands yesterday morning and completely forgot to pick up dog food.  (Sorry puppies!) When we were headed back home yesterday afternoon, I told the husband, “I feel like we are forgetting something.”  Yes, we were.  I had to go back out.  As I was walking back to the shelf where are dog food is displayed, I found this:

A safety nail clipper?  What?  It was about $40.  We currently pay $15 a dog every month to get their nails clipped.  If this thing works, this will be a great money saver.

After the pet store, the shopping addict in me drove the car down the road to TJ Maxx.  It has been awhile since I had taken a look around so I was excited just to visit.  (That really does sound like something an addict would say.) Although I didn’t buy anything, I find a few items I wanted to share:

This weekend I got a few minutes to paint.  I loved the painting that I made for our entry way. You can see it here.  This is an 8×10 canvas board that will frame really well.  I am imagining that it will be a good fit for our bathroom makeover.

A couple of my favorite bands have released new music.  I am so excited!  The first band is Chvrches.  Their newest song is Get Out.  It has a nice little groove and a hook that will likely play on a loop in my head for the next few days.

The next new song is from one of my favorite bands ever: Dashboard Confessional.  I was not expecting them to ever put out any more new music.  Chris Carrabba, front man and lead singer for Dashboard Confessional, has stated in the past that Alter the Ending was their last album.  I am so glad that they are putting out something new a) because they are a great band and b) I don’t think Alter the Ending was the best album to end the dynasty.