Live Simply

3 Tricks to Destress Your Life and Feel Happy

Life is stressful, especially this time of the year.  We are faced with family obligations, the stress of finding the perfect gift, and the impractical urge to be in too many places at once. Now that the holidays are winding down, it is time to de-stress and recompose ourselves.  Today I am sharing 3 tricks to de-stress your life and make yourself happy.


Start with a single task

There is a nagging item on your to-do list.  I know there is one because we all have one.  You have been finding other things that need to be done to fill your time instead. It is a classic avoidance tactic; I am guilty of doing this myself.  Change your perspective and break the project into smaller, more manageable pieces.  Do one part at a time.  Set a deadline for yourself to finish each proceeding step until the task has been completed.

Say no to one over commitment

We all have issues with saying no.  Sometimes the tug to say yes is greater than others.  It is no wonder that from time to time I find myself over committed and stretched too thin.  Allow yourself to de-stress by fessing up that you should have said no.  Reschedule, or if it is something that you really don’t want to do, cancel.

Take a moment to change your perspective

Take a moment to breath and enjoy the life you have.  Don’t think about the toys on the living room floor that you have to put away.  Instead, think of the joy they brought to your children.  Don’t complain about your husband’s tools on the dining room table.  Think about how thankful you are that you didn’t have to pay someone to do the work.  Taking a few breaths and altering your perspective will allow you to take control of your mood and your overall happiness.