17 by the end of 17

When I was younger I had an ever growing list of goals and a timeline for which I planned to achieve them.  I wanted to get my bachelors degree in four years.  I wanted to have my MBA before I turned 26.  I wished to be married, own a house, and have a kid before I was 30.

As I got older, my goals changed.  I did get my bachelors degree in four years.  I got both my MBA and my Master’s in Accounting before I turned 26.  All the other stuff, not so on schedule.  I bought my own house before I turned 30, but it was mine.  I had not even yet met my now husband.  I was 33 when I got married.  I still don’t have kids.

I am happy with how everything has turned out.  I have no regrets.

As I have gotten older, I just don’t have goals like I used to.  It isn’t that I lack ambition.  It is that I have achieved all the major goals I had when I was young.  Now my focus is more on not getting a cold when others are sick with the flu and getting the laundry done before Friday.  Life is different. Not boring or less important.  Just different.


One of my favorite bloggers posted her 40 by 40 goals.  It is 40 goals she hoped to achieve before she turns 40 in a couple of years.  I have not quite thought that far ahead.  I do have a few current goals. Here is a list of 17 things I wish to accomplish before the end of 2017:

  1. Finish my bathroom makeover.  
  2. Paint the second half of the french doors to my office.  This is so incredibly overdue.  Yes, only one side of those doors are painted.  And it has been that way for more than a year. If you look really close in this photo, you can see that the door is barely primed. That isn’t a reflection or the light.  The door is mostly beige.  
  3. Finish painting the other doors in our house.  I started a few months ago with a little help from the husband.  We lost steam after about 3 weeks.  It is a ton of work to paint ALL the doors in your house.  Count them.  There are just so many.  We have 6 remaining, not including the french doors in item #2.
  4. Paint the blank canvas in my dining room.  There is just so much painting to do!
  5. Buy a record player.
  6. Buy a vintage record.
  7. Clean out the linen closet in the bathroom.
  8. Paint the front door black. It is currently red and needs a makeover!
  9. Make my own pasta from scratch.
  10. Paint Christmas ornaments.
  11. Make handmade Christmas cards.
  12. Learn to make pumpkin bisque soup.
  13. Donate the books I am finished reading.
  14. Establish a reading nook for my Saturday morning reading sessions.
  15. Learn how to make my husbands fabulous fried chicken.  It is really good!  I deserve to know how he does it.
  16. Sew something.  I really enjoyed making my fall pillow. (You can read about it here.) I would really like to sew something else!
  17. Pick out photos for the blank wall in my living room. We put up these three frames with the plan to fill them.  It is going on two weeks and I haven’t even picked out the pictures.

What is something you hope to achieve before the end of the year?

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