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Weekly Cleaning Challenge | Clean the Silverware Drawer


I have lived in my home for almost two years.  Facebook sent me a fun little reminder of a post from two years ago; it was our announcement that the husband and I had bought a home. Now that we have been in our home for awhile, we are officially out of the unpacking stage and into the collecting stage of home ownership.

What is the collecting stage?  The collecting stage is after you have settled into your home and you are collecting new items.  This is the stage when we most often feel that our house is our home. It is by far the most comfortable stage.

Now that we are more comfortable in our home, I am finding that we need to do a little more deep cleaning than when we first moved in.  Our storage is beginning to fill up.  We have extra items just sitting around.  I am certain that I am not the only one with this issue.

In order to combat my storage issue and to address lingering crumbs, I am challenging myself, and you, to a weekly cleaning challenge.


What is the weekly cleaning challenge?  Every week I will challenge myself to one deep cleaning task. Most of the task are quick.  All of them are things that really need to be done! I am hoping you will join me in this weekly challenge.

This week the challenge is to clean the silverware drawer.

When was the last time that you paid attention to the condition of your silverware drawer? I took a closer look at mine when I was unloading the dishwasher this weekend.  I was appalled.  There were crumbs under the silverware, ketchup packets that we will never use, plastic ware from restaurants, and a number of other items out of place.


This is what I did to clean my silverware drawer:

  • The first thing I did was to take everything out of the drawer.  If you can ever start your cleaning project with taking everything out of a space, I suggest you do it.
  • Next, I ran the vacuum nozzle around the inside of the drawer to pick up crumbs. This is much easier than using a cleaner.
  • I wiped down the inside of the drawer with a mild cleanser.
  • I washed all of the silverware, the silverware caddy, and each of the items I wanted to return to the drawer.
  • I threw away the ketchup packets and the plastic ware from restaurants.  We hadn’t used them and were probably never going to do so.
  • I put all of my measuring spoons and wine stoppers together in a glass bowl.  This is a great idea for keeping small items from rolling around the drawer.

I now challenge you to clean your silverware drawer.

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