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Traditional Southern Powder Room Remodel – Week 1

I have decided to join the fall 2019 One Room Challenge. This is my fourth time with the challenge and I am excited about doing it again!

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The first room we renovated in the One Room Challenge was our downstairs powder room. The updates to the room were meant to be a stop-gap measure. We always knew that we were going to one day do more.

My goal for this room is to update the sink and hardware, add a new mirror, replace the artwork, and sew new curtains. I want to add some traditional flair that connects this space with the rest of our home.

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When we first toured our home, I imagined this bathroom with a porcelain console sink. Console sinks are great in smaller rooms, such as powder rooms. Here are a few console sinks that I just love.


I am going to be honest, my husband is excited about this project. This week we are beginning the next phase of our half bath renovation.

The project we completed in November of 2017 for The One Room Challenge was never meant to be the final design for the room. Instead, it was a face lift to make the room tolerable until we could afford the REAL renovation. And to have an excuse to get a new toilet seat.



The color scheme for the room is white, chrome, navy blue, and light blueish gray. The room has a nice sized window so there will be lots of sunlight to keep it bright.

A few decisions that still need to be made:

  1. Do I wish to buy curtains or make them? I am in love with navy blue pillow ticking. I have been itching to make curtains in this fabric. I think this might be the right room for them. Also, they will be small so it would be a project I could finish on a Saturday afternoon.
  2. To towel ring or not to towel ring? We haven’t had one in this room previously. I have been folding the hand towel and placing it on the edge of the sink. It has been fine up to this point. However, an additional decorative element on the wall beside the window and sink might be nice as well.
  3. Should I add a decorative soap dispenser? I have used soap containers that came with the actual liquid soap in the past. But I do really love the glass on the Pottery Barn soap dispenser. This is going to be a fun decision to make.
  4. Art work – do I make something, use a beautiful stock photo, use one of my own photos from vacations, or buy something?


This project will take 6 weeks to complete, including this week. This will give me plenty of time to make some final decisions and order components for the room.

Week One – Create the design plan.

Week Two – Pull out the existing cabinet, repair and paint the walls.

Week Three – Install light fixture, sink, and faucet.

Week Four – Paint and hang new mirror.

Week Five – Sew (or buy) new curtains and hang.

Week Six – Add final decorative elements and final reveal.

It is going to be a busy week. I have to get to work!

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