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Spring Living Room Refresh + Exciting News

The temperature outside might still be in the 40’s, but spring has arrived at our house!

The husband and I have made a concerted effort this year to spend more time relaxing on the weekends. I have been doing such a great job that I haven’t made time for one of my favorite hobbies: the blog. I have missed blogging so very much, but I really needed a break. I just renewed the site for another year…so I am not giving up just yet.

I also have some exciting news: we have contractors coming to the house this week to discuss renovating our stairwell, the downstairs bathroom, and the kitchen. Additionally, the husband has given me the green light to update our master bedroom in the Spring One Room Challenge. This is so incredibly exciting! We have huge changes to our house coming before summer. I am looking forward to sharing all the details here on the blog!

In preparation for the house to be an absolute disaster for about 2 months, I have decorated for spring. I am trying to enjoy a little spring beauty before the house temporarily becomes a construction zone.

One of the things we finally did was fill the empty frames that have been hung on the large blank living room wall for more than a year. I took photos of the girls, transitioned them to black and white photos in Photoshop, and then had them printed on architectural paper. They are so adorable and fill the large, empty space really well.