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Pretty New Pajamas and A Meditation Everyone Needs

Let’s begin with the pretty new pajamas I found at Target a couple of weeks ago. They are a classic blue and white striped pant and matching tank top. They are soft and so comfortable!

They have this cute blue piping detail at the edge of the tank top. And pockets! I don’t believe I have ever had pajamas with pockets. When I walk around the house in the morning, I have a place for my cell phone. I have a place for my phone, but I still leave my phone in the kitchen and remember only once I have walked all the way upstairs.

They have a cute bow at the waist. My bow is a bit crooked, but my bows always are.

The tank top has a cute crisscross in the back. I thought that this might get uncomfortable at night, but I have had no issues.

I am seriously not a model. And all of my curls fell out of my hair before we finished taking photos. It is funny to see the progression of my curls slowly falling out.

But honestly, who doesn’t love great pajamas?

Elena Brower Meditation You Need to Hear

Let’s get serious for a moment.

For the most part, everything I write on this blog is light-hearted and often not reflective of how I feel in real life. The great thing about this blog is it allows me an outlet to pretend, if only for an hour, that everything is beautiful.

Not everything in my life is beautiful. Not everything in anyone’s life is entirely beautiful. Ebbs and flows are completely natural.

Sometimes life really beats me down. Sometimes I get tangled in my own self-doubt, insecurities, and pain. There are only a few things that help me through those tough times: support from family and friends, getting plenty of sleep, making lots of to-do lists, and meditation.

Today I am sharing a link to an Elena Brower meditation from the Above and Beyond Group Therapy episode 340. I found it as I was listening to past episodes of Above and Beyond. I love listening to their shows as I work. For me, it is perfect for when I need to bang out a project.

Although their shows aren’t for everyone, this mediation is spectacular. The meditation it is about 13 minutes long. Warning! The first time that I heard it, it made me cry. It was as though Elena was speaking directly to me. Find a spot where you are comfortable. Press play (the link will take you to YouTube) and close your eyes. Focus on the music and the sound of Elena’s voice. Open your mind and find peace.