Decorate, Dining Room

Makeover | An Old Painting Gets a New Look

Last night I decided that the painting in our dining room needed a makeover. It is a large gallery framed canvas that is in good condition. But it is so green. I needed to do something meditative and painting is a good outlet. Here are some shots of the canvas before making any changes: I am not a classically trained…

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Bedroom, Decorate

One Room Challenge | Master Bedroom Relaxing Retreat

It is time for another One Room Challenge and I am in! For this challenge, we will be making over our master bedroom. I am so excited as we have been putting off this makeover for far too long. I had my contractor over this week to talk about some projects that will be kicking off in June. He reminded…

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Decorate, Living Room

Spring Living Room Refresh + Exciting News

The temperature outside might still be in the 40’s, but spring has arrived at our house! The husband and I have made a concerted effort this year to spend more time relaxing on the weekends. I have been doing such a great job that I haven’t made time for one of my favorite hobbies: the blog. I have missed blogging…

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When to Take Down Your Christmas Tree

According to tradition, when should you take down your Christmas tree? Our friends at Good Housekeeping state, “tradition dictates that the Twelfth Night is the best time to take down your festive decorations — including your tree. It’s believed that waiting too long after the Twelfth Night will bring bad luck.” When is the Twelfth Night? That would be January 5th or…

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Live Simply

Make a Fresh Start for the New Year

Good morning and welcome to the New Year! The husband and I struggled to stay up until midnight. We saw the ball drop, we gave one another a passionate kiss, and then we immediately went to bed. Staying up too late would simply ruin our ability to get to brunch timely. I don’t like waiting for a table. One must…

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Organization Porn to Soothe Your Inner Neat Freak

Last month the husband and I finished our second One Room Challenge. We renovated our guest room over the period of six weeks. (You can read the final reveal here.) During the course of this project, the rest of our house got a little neglected. Our guest room looks amazing, but we are burned out.  It has been about a…

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