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My Home Office Makeover is Coming!

The husband and I have been working on our master bedroom makeover for the last month. Over the course of the project, we have bought several pieces of furniture. One item is a new dresser.

The dresser is a Pottery Barn Kids find. We purchased this one in white:

I love the new dresser. It is beautiful. It is the original dresser that has become the issue.

It is big; It is 66 inches long. Therefore, it needs space. We originally thought we would sell it. It isn’t worth much so we decided to forego the hassle of putting it on LetGo or Craig’s List. And then we moved it downstairs.


I want to start by saying that I have a rather lovely home office. I work from home. Therefore, I spend a considerable amount of time in this room. It is important to me for this room to not only be functional, but to also be pretty.

This room is bright from the 3 large windows and french door leading to our back yard. It also has a large space in front of my desk for the dogs. They love looking out the windows on the french door and barking at the neighbors.

My desk is wide and long. It gives me lots of space for working. It also provides space for cute office supplies.

I also have a large bookshelf with two drawers. Before we brought the dresser downstairs, this was all the storage I had for the room. That meant that anything erroneous would be stored on my desktop. Not a great environment for working.

The bookshelf offers hidden storage for my craft paper, paints, push pins, and glue. Lots of glue. It also provides storage for my printer and sewing machine on the bottom shelf.

Additionally, it allows us to display this antique typewriter that has been passed down for three generations in my husband’s family.

The long, dark dresser from our master bedroom is now in my office. It is sitting behind my chair. My husband was afraid that it would create a pinch point from my chair, making it impossible to open the drawers. I was able to push my desk forward a few inches and then there was plenty of space.


In a few weeks, after our master bedroom makeover is complete, I am going to start on tweaking a few aspects about my office. It will include the following:

  1. Finish painting the interior french doors. We had the office side of the doors painted when the office itself was painted. But, they didn’t paint the living room side of the doors. I started painting them months ago, got bored, and abandoned the project. I need to take a few hours and finish painting the doors.
  2. Pick up new lamps to add to each side of the top of the dresser.
    This room is bright with natural light during the day. However, it gets dark at night. I have recessed light in the room, but it isn’t enough. Lamps would help out.
  3. Paint the dresser a lighter color. Should I go gray? White? Pale pink?
  4. Add matching handles to the dresser and the drawers on the bookshelf. I have wanted to put long handles on the bookshelf, but just haven’t done it yet. I am thinking I would like the same handles on the dresser. Maybe something shiny and reflective?
  5. Decorate the large wall above the dresser. I have recently moved around our paintings, again. The navy blue swirls that were in my office are now back in the dining room. The dining room painting I published photos of two weeks ago is already in the living room. My office needs an art piece I won’t ever want to move. Maybe something pink?
  6. Move the rug to under my desk and dresser. I shifted all the furniture around by myself. I had to move the rug all together in order to shift furniture around. I am definitely going to need the husbands brawn in order to make this happen.

Moving the dresser to my office is a great idea. It allows me to take advantage of the storage it provides, especially in my office where I have a ton of craft goodies. I am looking forward to brightening up that last little corner.