My Evening with Dashboard Confessional

My husband gave me the greatest gift ever: a meet and greet session with Dashboard Confessional’s front man, Chris Carrabba.  My gift included a photo with Chris Carrabba, a private concert, and front row to one really awesome show.  It was hands down one of the best dates I can ever remember.  Ever.

The evening started with a meet and greet session.  Notice who has his arm around me?  Amazing!  It was such a fun moment.  And we were both wearing the same socks.

After the meet and greet, Chris gave the small group of VIP’s a private concert.  I was lucky enough to get a front row seat.  He performed 4 songs; It was just Chris and his guitars.  I am so glad I recorded the session as I never want to forget it.

After the private show, we got in line to head into the venue.  The husband and I were lucky enough to get a spot right in front of the stage.

I got a great shot of the stage before the show began.  I think it is cool how they layered in the instruments, speakers, microphones, etc in order to have the stage set for all three bands.  This was incredibly evident as they cleared the stage bit by bit between acts.

The first band was Kississippi.  Lead singer, Zoe Reynolds, has a cool guitar.  It is hard to see in this photo, but it is light pink with sprinkles stickers; it looks like a pink cup cake.  I didn’t get any audio of the Kississippi show, but I should have.  Their sound has a nice groove.  You can listen to a performance of them here.

The second band to play was Beach Slang.  The lead singer, James Alex, entered the stage with a navy blue velvet blazer, a ruffled front tuxedo shirt, and a red bow tie.  His performance matched his outfit.  He had a few vodka and cranberry drinks before his set that loosened his inhibitions to near zero.  He broke a guitar string while playing his second song…and then just kept playing.  When his tech tried to bring him a new guitar he replied, “I only need 3 strings to play.”

Beach Slang put on such an exciting performance that I had to get video. You are going to love the Beach Slang performance.  The music is good, too.  (And I have no idea why the concert clip starts with someone on a horse.)

And then came Dashboard Confessional.  It was a one hour performance that included a sing-a-long of some of my favorite songs.  I had a front row seat for the entire show.  It was amazing.  The husband and I had such a great time.

I tried to live in the moment and just enjoy the show….but I couldn’t resist getting a little video. I got recordings of two of my favorite songs: Screaming Infidelities and Stolen.  They aren’t bad….but you can see my fingers get in the way of the camera a few times.  Sorry, but I was trying to have a good time!  I hope you enjoy them!