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If you are a bit behind with your Thanksgiving decorating, or if you are looking for a way to have a stunning table on the cheap, today’s post is for you!  Today I will show you how I decorated my table for Thanksgiving for just a few dollars and some greenery from my yard.


This project will require the following:

  • Fabric
  • Decorative ribbon (optional),
  • Thread,
  • scissors
  • Sewing machine


I am not a trained seamstress.  I have only sewed a handful of items in my life.  Three of which have been in the last couple of months: DIY fall pillow case, curtains for the One Room Challenge, and the linens I am showing you today.  Despite my lack of experience, I managed to sew these super cute linens for Thanksgiving.  On a difficulty scale of 1 to 10, I put this project at a 2 as it does require you to know how to thread a sewing machine.

  1. I purchased one yard of fabric ($4.89 from Hobby Lobby), one spool of navy thread ($2.39 from Hobby Lobby), and one spool of decorative ribbon ($1.50 from Hobby Lobby) and this was an ideal amount for 4 napkins.  I folded the fabric in half and then I folded it in half again.  This put the fabric into four equally divided pieces.
  2. I then ironed the fabric to get a perfect line to indicate where the fabric was folded.
  3. I cut the fabric into four pieces, using the ironed lines as my guide.
  4. I folded the fabric along each side and ironed it to create a pressed edge. 
  5. With the fabric folded along each side, I sewed a seam along all four edges.  I did this for all 4 napkins.
  6. I pinned the decorative ribbon down the bottom of each of the four napkins. 
  7. I sewed a seam down each ribbon.


My husband and I are pretty laid back.  I like nice things, but I also can see the beauty in simplicity.  That is why I will be skipping the fancy flower bouquets.  Instead, I have clipped some greenery from my garden.

I have a 9 inch tall, slender vase that I absolutely love for simple floral or greenery arrangements.  It is slender so it is difficult to overfill.  You can see it just behind me in this image.

For today’s arrangement, I clipped greenery from my garden.  I clipped a couple of large pieces.  I was able to cut down any of the clippings that were too long.  I cut the leaves and small branches from the bottom of each clipping so they would look nice in the vase.

I placed each clipping into the vase, allowing some to fall to the left and others to fall to the right.


With my fresh cut greenery and my homemade linens, my Thanksgiving table looks stunning.  I added a couple of small candles and two pumpkins we already owned.  The pink from the candles plays on the pink in the napkins.  The navy in the napkins goes well with the large painting above my sideboard. (You can read more about the painting here.)  Together it is playful, yet sophisticated.  And it cost me less than $10 to achieve!

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