Four affordable dining room tables you are going to love


The husband and I bought our home a year and three months ago.  We are still struggling to make this house a home.  We have a handful of boxes that are still unpacked.  As we are working on finding a home for all of our belongings, we are also looking to purchase quite a bit of furniture.

The two apartments we lived in for the first few years of being in Atlanta were small.  We didn’t have space for a dining room let alone space for a guest room.  We are excited that we now have space for both a dining table and a guest room.

We have taken the purchase of new furniture as a serious endeavor.  Our goal is to purchase pieces that we will keep for many, many years.  We are past the days of purchasing pieces that will fall apart within months of their first use.

After a few months of searching for a table, I found four tables that I absolutely loved.  They are as follows:



Table 1 – This table is a WayFair find.  It consists of a combination of pine and hardwoods with birch veneer.  It is 72″ long and comes with one 18″ leaf.  This farmhouse beauty will only set you back $546.99.  You can get it here:

Table two – This bargain priced table is from Pier 1. The Tollerance Black Turned Leg Dining Table comes in two sizes: 60″ and 84″. Both sizes come with a leaf.  This beauty is made from rubberwood, engineered wood, and mahogany.  You can have one delivered starting at $449.9.   You can get it here:

Table three – The third table gives you the biggest bang for your buck.  It is high style with a little price tag.  This stunning table is an Ikea find and will only set you back $329.  Delivery and assembly will cost you extra.  You can get it here:

Table four – This table is my favorite!  It is a Restoration Hardware find.  It is currently on clearance and is likely to not last long. It comes in 5 sizes and 3 finishes.  The finish shown here is black oak drifted.  They also have a lighter shade, named dry oak, if you prefer a more natural wood stain.  Prices start at $798 for members and $998 for non-members. It makes the $100 annual membership fee worth it!  You can get it here:

What My Husband Thinks

I want to make you aware that I started writing this post in October of last year. October!!!  I know that is a long time.

Like every other room I have made changes to, I source everything that I want to do, put it all into room mock-ups so he can picture the changes.  (He doesn’t have the ability to just “see” these items in the room.  I have to give him real images.)  This is not an issue because it makes for great content on the blog.  The downside this time is that he said no.

This is the same guy that wears black t-shirts and dark denim jeans nearly every day.  His concept of style is a bit lacking.  I was little taken aback when he expressed strong feelings for a gray washed, round table.  He never asks for anything so I took his single request seriously and started searching for something to make his dreams come true.  And to get a table into the dining room.  I was really sick of eating in the living room.

The downside was that he had never actually seen said table.  He didn’t have an example.  He just had vague direction and very little details.  This must be what it is like to be a real interior designer.

I found one table that mostly resembled what my husband wanted.  It was at the store where the table I really wanted was at (table 4 above): Restoration Hardware!  This is me riding the elevator at Restoration Hardware.  Yes, the Atlanta store is that big where both riding the elevator and sitting is necessary.  It was a long day.

I was really hoping during our trip to Restoration Hardware that I might be able to get my husband to fall in love with the dark, rectangular beauty that had captured my heart.  That was a no-go.  They didn’t have one in the store for me to gush over.  Instead, this is what we got:

The lack of natural light in this room makes it difficult to see the grayness of the table.  The reddish stained floors don’t help either.  Instead of a dark, rectangular beauty that comfortably sits six, I got this lovely table.  It is 48″ round, doesn’t have an extension, and is very heavy.  Now that we have had it for a few months, I feel it is the best decision we could ever have made.  The rectangular table would have fit fine, but would have left no space for a sideboard.  Now I can have a sideboard, perhaps with fancy decanters and a record player on top…