Finding time for exercise

We all know that exercise is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Despite this, I still find myself struggling to clock the time.

This is me in a red-faced selfie after exercising this weekend (don’t mind the finger in front of the lens):


I am great a making excuses.  Some of these might sound familiar…because you are using them, too!

  1. Work is busy and I need to work late.
  2. I need to run errands.
  3. I am tired.
  4. I really should catch up on housework.
  5. I would rather watch TV. (Who wouldn’t?)


I am really good at talking myself out of making it to the gym.  If you are good at doing this too, here are a few thing you can do to help bridge the gap:

Tackle some household chores – Chores do not get completed without effort.  Effort = calorie burn.  According to, here are 4 great calorie burning chores:

  • Hand washing dishes for 60 minutes will burn 100 calories.
  • Talking on the phone while walking around the house for 35 minutes will burn enough calories for a 100 calorie brownie.
  • Scrubbing down the bathroom from floor to ceiling for 35 minutes burns as much as a 35 minute walk on the treadmill, and it’s much more productive.
  • Wash the inside and outside of your windows for 30 minutes to burn off 100 calories.

Walk the dog – My dogs love leisurely strolls.  I grab the leash and they are immediately ready to hit the pavement.  Just remember to keep your pet well hydrated and don’t allow them to become over heated during the hot summer months.

Go exploring – Lots of towns are incorporating walking trails as part of their community development plans. If the weather permits, go on an adventure!  The natural inclines and declines on a trail are a great leg workout.

Go dancing – Hitting the club scene may not be for all of us.  Try taking a weekly dance lesson instead.  You will be learning and moving at the same time!

Make a date with a friend – Saturday morning walks have become a ritual for me and my bestie, Julie.  We put in a 6 mile walk while catching up on our week.  We talk as we walk, so the time flies.  You can also use this time to walk a mall or outdoor market.  All of that walking = calorie burn!


While we are on the subject, I would like to share some of the finer points of my Saturday walks.  We walk around a gorgeous area of Buckhead, Atlanta called Chastain Park.  We walk the blue trail; it is a trail that is 3.1 miles.  We take two loops around to make just over 6 miles.  There are a couple of hills right around mile 2 that make my quads burn.

Our walks take about 2 hours to finish.  We could make our walk faster, but what fun is that?  Our walks include staying hydrated, petting cute puppies, gabbing, and ogling the beautiful homes that surround the park.

This week I took my camera to take pictures of some of the beautiful homes to share with you.  I got a little extra calorie burn for carrying my Canon for 3.1 miles!

Here are a few of my favorite homes around Chastain Park: