Fabulist Friday | My Top 4 Fabulous Items of the Week

Welcome to Fabulist Friday!  This is where I share my top 4 fabulous items of the week. This week I am sharing my favorite new finds at Target.


This weekend, while running errands, the husband and I ventured to Target.  One of my favorite things to do at Target is to look at the home decor.  My husband rolls his eyes and protests as I walk from aisle to aisle.  I love touching the fabrics and smelling the candles.  I imagine all of the fabulous decor items in my home.  Most items I pass up because I really don’t need anything for my home.  Just last week I was saying that I wanted to simplify my life and have less in my life (you can read the post here).  However, this weekend these finds were very difficult to not put in my cart.

let’s explore the list….

The first item on my list is the Bumblebee embroidered throw pillow ($19.99).  This fashionable pillow has the look of navy linen with embroidered bumblebees on one side and a linen navy and white stripe on the other.  I have been obsessed with navy and white stripes lately.  This pillow is playing right into my addiction.  Thanks, Target!

If you are in the market for a cute tray to catch your keys or mail in your entry way or something lovely to add to your coffee table, this rectangular scalloped tray ($24.99) is a great fit.  It has feminine touches with the scalloped edge.  It is easy to pair with any decor with a shiny white interior and reflective goal trim.

Target has two items in their Heritage Decor collection that are simply fabulous: bumblebee figural ($9.99) and floral vase ($12.99). Add a burst of color on your dining room table with the floral vase.  Or add cheery flair to your decor with this bright yellow and gold bumblebee figural.