Fabulist Friday Week 3 | My Top 4 Fabulous Items of the Week

Welcome to Fabulist Friday!  This is where I share my top 4 fabulous items of the week.


Keeping yourself organized will be a cinch with this super adorable notebook from SugarPaper.com.  I am a fan of notebooks for keeping track of all my to do lists.  You can stay on top of all your most important tasks with this white and gold foiled, spiral bound notebook.  You can be smart and stylish for only $18.

I am in love with the Coach Market Tote in polished pebble leather. This tote will be the perfect accessory for your fall wardrobe and will only set you back $295.  It is a rich Oxblood color that will hide all the dings and smudges that life could bring your way.  I have a similar bag that I have been carrying for years and years.  Tie a scarf on the handle and it is ready to wear!

Baskets are a great way to organize a room…or just to hide a mess.  No matter how you use baskets in your space, this lovely seagrass basket is an Ikea find for $13.

I live in Atlanta.  We get a little cold weather during the year, mostly during winter months.  However, it isn’t cold often enough to warrant a true winter wardrobe.  I tend to favor lighter jackets that I can wear for more months out of the year.  That is what has attracted me to this jacket.  This is the Banana Republic Herringbone Bow-Neck Jacket and it is currently on sale for $118. You can wear it with jeans or dress it up with a pair of slacks.  Details include a zip front, flap pockets at the hips, and a button at the back of the neck to securely attach the bow tie.  Decide the bow is too much?  The jacket has a collarless neck and he bow is removable!