Fabulist Friday: my top 4 items for the week

It is Friday and time for a fabulist!  This is where I share my top four items for the week.


  1. Fragrance free body butter from Basin.com
  2. Blue ikat outdoor rug by Threshold at Target.com
  3. Criss Cross sweatshirt by Athleta.com
  4. Miller flip flop ToryBurch.com


Fragrance free body butter

I found Basin and their wonderful skincare products while on a trip to Las Vegas.  My husband and I were still dating; we were not even engaged.  I wasn’t into gambling so I spent my time shopping, hanging by the pool, and planning what we were going to do at night.  It was so fun.

I found the Basin shop in the mall inside The Venetian, the hotel we were staying in.  The super friendly staff promised me soft hands if I tried their sugar scrub.  They delivered.  I walked out of the store with a large bag filled with sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and body butter.

Basin has a store in Las Vegas as well as at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida.  We try to get to Vegas once a year.  We have family in central Florida that we try to see a couple of times a year.  It is now a tradition that when we visit either place that I get a shopping spree at Basin.

The image above is a photo of my favorite of their body butters.  I love it because it goes on smooth and it is fragrance free.  This means that I can wear my perfume and still have silky soft skin!

Blue Ikat Outdoor Rug


I have been thinking of adding a new outdoor rug to my patio.  My patio is not covered and is completely open to the elements.  We can only decorate that space with items that can stand up to rain and sun.

Coco at COCOCOZY.com used this rug to bring her outdoor space to life.  She layered it over a natural colored rug to add depth and dimension.

This rug is currently at Target.com.  The 5×7 will only set you back $50.99!

Criss Cross Sweatshirt

source: Athleta.com

The Criss Cross sweatshirt is a new arrival at Athleta.  I got the catalogue today and immediately tore the photo out.  I knew that I wanted to add it to this fabulist!  Although I haven’t tried it on, the website describes it at uber-soft, lightweight modal blend plush Nirvana fabric.  The criss cross detail is just adorable!

The Miller Sandal

A couple of years ago I posted an article about 9 sandals that I was in love with at the time, one of them was the Miller sandal by Tory Burch. You can read that post here: 9 new sandals you are going to want in your closet now.  There is also a follow-up you would also enjoy here: New Shoe Day.

It has been a few years, but I am in love with this sandal/expensive flip flop.  My original pair of Miller sandals fell apart because I wore them so much.  The photo above is a picture of my third pair. (I still have my second pair in black patent leather.)  I decided to go with a leather pair as opposed to the patent leather, hoping they will age a little nicer.  I will keep you posted on how it goes!

Let me know which items you love the most in the comments.